Rolf Furuli Disfellowshipped Last Week

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  • jp1692
    Vidiot: Never let doctrine become dogma if there's a chance that evidence might disprove it.

    The thing is, with cults it’s never really about doctrine, it’s about control.

    And let’s review: It’s a cult!

  • smiddy3

    Old people who have invested there lives in the organization / religion will die in the religion .I`ts been indoctrinated into them ",where else can they go ?"

    The younger generation today being born in`s are no different to any other born in`s to a religion ,that`s all they know ,I was brought up a JW I`ll die a JW. / I was raised a Catholic I`ll die a Catholic.

    I`ll wager that there are very few young JW`s if any who could defend the religions doctrines using the Bible.?

    They are not interested in doctrines.And they are now not taught in any meaningful way how to defend their faith.

  • Phizzy

    Really the young JW's are no different to young people brought up in a Political Cult, their minds have been saturated by the rhetoric they have heard over an over again, so alternative points of view cannot enter their minds.

    A number of young JW's realise it is all a Pile of Poo, but stay for family and social reasons. Rolf Furuli comes from the generation of JW's that I did, we believed most of the JW Bull, and could defend it from the Bible, not in reality of course, but we made a good job of fooling the public that we could ! I even went toe to toe with a number of Vicars and Priests in my time. All matches were drawn at around 3-3. LOL.

    Today's JW's of any age could not do that, the Core/Unique Doctrines have become so VERY silly !

    Those Doctrines are indefensible from Scripture.

  • Vidiot

    Personally I suspect that the leadership is aware that the ideology is intellectually flimsy at this point, but because they're all True Believers, they aren't interested in much more than keeping the Org in a holding pattern until The End comes.

  • Phizzy

    You are right Vidiot, and they don't seem to believe that they have to work hard at keeping it going, if they did they would really be preparing for the next decade to come, in the sense of adjusting yet again their "teachings", (ramblings).

    They have a problem though, it seems they have no one with the intellectual ability to be able to spin things sufficiently so that even the thickest, laziest R&F drone would not say WTF ????

    But the further 1914 recedes in to the Mists of Time , the more urgent a major adjustment becomes, as many JW's will begin to think " What is all this talk of The End based on ??.

    Rolf Furuli has the same problem, he has spent so many decades defending 1914 he simply cannot adjust on that I guess.

  • Vidiot
    Phizzy - " seems they have no one with the intellectual ability to be able to spin things sufficiently so that even the thickest, laziest R&F drone would not say WTF????"

    Blame that shitbag Ted Jaracz.

    By the early 00s, it actually looked like a measure of progressive reform might actually be on the table, probably because (among other things) the 20th Century had ended without the End, and the Org's eschatology needed a significant reexamination.

    Then 9-11 happened, and the Old Man used it to stoke fear in said End amongst the leadership as a pretext to purge the liberals and moderates out of Bethel, and nip any reform in the bud*.

    Unfortunately, that included the majority of creative-types and outside-the-box thinkers, who - like it or not - are vital when it comes to the kind of page-one rewrite the WTS's End-Times script so sorely needs.


    *I suspect due to the fact that allegations of sexual misconduct on his part were way likelier to become exposed if said reforms were implemented.

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