Challenging JWs at Cult Carts

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  • freddo


    You said you used the literature on the cart.

    In the "Good News From God" brochure (A current favourite for JW's) Chapter 13 page 26 there is a priceless gem in the first paragraph.

    I quote from Chapter 13 - p.26.


    1. Is all religion good?

    There are sincere people in all religions. It is good news that God sees those people and cares about them. But sadly, religion has been used for evil ends. (2 Corinthians 4: 3,4; 11: 13-15) According to news reports, some religions are even involved in terrorism, genocide, war and child abuse. How this saddens sincere believers in God!

    Read Matthew 24:3-5, 11,12.

    Red print highlight is mine of course.

    My dream:

    Me to JW's on cart: "What is the good news?"

    JW's: "We have a brochure about that ... here look."

    You: (After listening politely - turn to P26 and read out loud the complete paragraph above) "Hmmm ... Child Abuse eh? In Australia between 1950 and 2014 1006 cases of child abuse were recorded by Jehovah's Witnesses and not one of them was reported to the police. How sad does that make sincere believers in God?"

    JW's: "Err ummm apostates flounder ummm ... self justification ... "

    Me: "Shame on you! Shame on Anthony Morris 3rd! Shame on Geoffrey Jackson and the whole Governing Body!" (Stand perfectly still, say nothing for ten full seconds while they stammer and fluster. Hand back the brochure and say:) "And shame on you for standing here presenting your religion as being the so called "TRUTH".

    (Turn your back and walk away shaking your head.)

  • cofty
    Thanks Freddo - Excellent quote.
  • George One Time
    George One Time


    I used that very point at the midweek meeting in a demonstration. I made my assistent play furious about the covering up of child abuse in false religion.... I still have to be on stage in order to stay in (for my wife), but I like to use my time wisely

  • Heaven

    Use the free literature from the carts in your gardens or compost as the carbon material needed to provide energy for microorganisms while they break down organic matter. The literature can also be used as a barrier for unwanted plants when starting a no-dig garden. Turn disinformation into good news as you grow food to eat.

  • jwfacts
    I made my assistent play furious about the covering up of child abuse in false religion....

    Awesome. When you get even braver you could have a part where a householder plays furious about the findings of the ARC and JWs and then come up with some lame justifications that it is apostate lies and we didn't know as much back then about child abuse etc.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    JWs are out there, often literally in the market place, the place for bargaining. It is one of the few times and places where they can be openly exposed to unwitnessing and surely for the sake of the demise of the harmful cult we should take every opportunity to enlighten them.

    I wonder how long it will be before the GB realize how vulnerable trolley people are, I have often reached the threshold with a JW, when they realize they have no defense and they interpret that moment to be the time to stop because their inquisitor is not a gullible sheepy person. Without doubt they are told that they are only looking for impressionable sheep, not arguments.

    However most JWs actually take the bait and enjoy a discussion since it's much more interesting than public apathy, then in parting I always try to leave them with a thought festering in their mind which could make them wake up. For example; how could we ever know about things which live beyond our five senses?

  • jookbeard

    I tried a different tact today at a town centre I go to sometimes, a lady and young guy standing at the cart , I picked up the mag

    me " they seem very thin these days I remember when they were far thicker"

    lady "yes they are smaller but they go straight to the point with a wonderful hope for the future"

    me "really? I remember reading about the generation that saw 1914 and the creators promise that would be completed by the 20th century, do you remember that?

    her "yes I do"

    me "well we are still waiting , I bid you a good day".

    that was that, the rag was dumped a couple of hundred metres away.

  • cofty
    Excellent jookbeard. Even if we can only spare 2 minutes that can make a difference.

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