Long prayers

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  • Giordano

    We had this Circuit Overeer and he was filled with theocratic energy or bull shit depending on how far you were out.

    I found that most of these guys had 'over adapted' as they were on 24/7.

    So yeah the closing prayer was their 'thing'. As they were asked to either open or close every meeting, every lunch, dinner, or breakfast with a prayer. So their prayer became a teachable moment.

    This guy would admonish as nothing was ever good enough.

    So there was a family that always served a lunch for the Circuit Overseer and I was a close friend and was invited.

    They had this dog who was a great dog but had a problem......... he couldn't sit still and he loved to bury his head in peoples laps and become the center of attention. If the CO was an attention hog this dog could have schooled him.

    So the dog is in the corner of the room and as we bow our heads I realized that the family had not put the dog behind a closed door.

    And I am thinking this will not end well.

    We bow our heads and the CO starts in...... at the one minute mark the dog is starting to wine. By the two minute mark it's under the table nuzzling our private parts. Each person at the table in turn jerks as the dog goes for their crotch. A battle ensues trying to push that dogs head away and remain quite and respectful.

    By the 4th minute the dog had won. One of us had started to laugh and soon everyone had broken ranks starting with a giggle and then a full laugh.... all except the CO who decided to forgo his admonition about Adam and Eve. He was so self involved he didn't realize what had happened which started another round of laughter.

    He pretended to get it but I could see he was pissed off. Actually it was one of the most happy prayer situations I ever experienced.

  • fulano

    @ sad elder.

    yes Russell Kurzen was quit a talker. You never wanted to ask him how he was doing. And his prayers were famous in the Brooklyn Heights congregation.

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