Long prayers

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  • fulano

    Did you have one or two brother with way too long prayers in your congregation? When I was a child we had a brother who would go on and on after the watchtower study for at least five minutes. Many elderly sisters just sat down and a lot were complaining after the long desired amen.

  • zeb

    They all seemed to do it.

    Final prayers at any convention were an exercise in suffering as the praye-er had his big moment in the sun and proceeded to sum up the entire program as if god needs reminding.

    It ever reminded me of Jesus saying of the Pharisees who would go on and on so as to be noticed by men.

  • LongHairGal


    There was an arrogant man in my hall who used to go overtime with his prayer and I got up and walked out of the bookstudy!

    In my opinion, people like him had control issues and serious ego problems.

  • zeb


    "had control issues and serious ego problems." spot on isn't that what the entire wts is about?

    Slightly off topic. A a convention the foreign language session (Italian) had finished and they were then up for lunch. So they all spilled over into the other section of the stand all jabbering away like there was no-one else there. The speaker from that session just kept at it and no-one could hear a word out of three what he said.

    It was farcical.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    the funniest thing i saw was...

    not a prayer--but a short talk in the ministry school thing.

    one particular afro-caribbean bro was very fond of over-running any talks he was given.

    so--this particular evening--at the end of his 5 minutes--the bell sounded--but he carried on regardless, so--2 bell rings--still he carried on. at this point 2 bros got up on the stage--either side of him--took an arm each and frog marched him off the stage ( this had been pre arranged of course---but the bro and the audience weren't in on it )

    yet--he still carried on with his delivery ! the audience were in stitches.

    fortunately--the bro took it in good part. in fact--he was a truly lovely guy.

    all this was 50 years ago.

  • SadElder

    Those end of convention prayers were the worst. A rehash of everything and council to everyone included. Never did approve of prayers that counseled everyone.

    It wasn't a prayer but a comment at a Crooklyn Monday night Watchtower study that stands out for me. I believe it was Russ Kurzin(sp?) who droned on for 7 minutes by my watch. He was known for long comments so I checked the time when he started. Couldn't tell you a thing he said, just that he went on and on, a real Genesis to Revelation moment

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    did anyone else hear the story about a thing at the UK headquarters--in the 60's. if my memory is right--it was told to me by Bevan Vigo ( are you reading this Bev ?) ;

    meal time--everyone is ready to start--up gets the bro who was assigned to say " grace ". on and on he went--with his eyes closed. when he finally said amen--he opened his eyes--and saw everyone else had finished their meal.

  • Doctor Who
    Doctor Who

    We had a brother once thank Jehovah for the chairs.......I actually let out a "come on already" comment. Chairs? Really? I was counseled because of my comment. I just told the elders I was afraid he was going to give thanks for our underwear next. Gt to be careful, you know.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    Sorry, but the underwear is Mormon. As for the chairs, they seem to have a knack for finding ones you either slide out of or make your legs go numb and cramp. Or both

  • mann377

    Bethel 1973, when the elders school was at Bethel one or more of the elders would say the prayer at breakfast. I was setting next to Sister Dechecka. She must have been in her 90's (her husband went to prison with Rutherford). Anyway the elder was going to impress all of us at Bethel with a long winded prayer. Sister Dechecka passed out and her face fell into the bowl of "Cheerios" with milk. She would have drowned had I not pulled her face out of the Cheerios by the hair on the back of her head. The prayer ended 2 min after I did this. So I sat there with my hand holding her head up til the prayer was over.

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