Attitude in Kingdom Hall vs. in church

by Yesu Kristo Bwana Wangu 15 Replies latest jw experiences

  • Rainbow_Troll

    I did a lot of church shopping after leaving the WT and even though I never settled on one I don't regret the experience at all because it helped me to understand why some people do enjoy going to church.

    For starters, the children were much better behaved than at any KH I have attended. They either stayed quiet or they went off to Sunday School and did their thing there. Compare that to the KH where the little kids do nothing but scream and cry (who can blame them, really?) and then, in response, their parents do something that has always seem inexplicable to me: they take the poor kid into the restroom and spank him, causing him to cry and scream even louder!

    Another thing I noticed was that the sermons generally didn't last over 45 minutes and after that they would actually do other things like choir practice (where they teach you HOW to sing) and volunteer work (Christians actually helping the poor and needy? What's up with that?). There were also games, after school youth programs, and one church even had a singles night for anyone who wanted to enjoy the company of the opposite sex (Oh the horror! The scandal! )

    The closest thing I experienced to a KH was a Mormon Chapal. The Sunday service there lasted 2 hours and everyone wore a suit; yet even this was better than the KH. The Mormons still believe in charity. They have activities for singles. And after the main service all the men get together in another room and have discussion about the Bible and theology where you can literally say anything and not be denounced as a heretic (at least that was my experience, though I've heard otherwise from ex-mormons).

    Think: the Kingdom Hall is so boring that it makes regular church look exciting by comparison.

  • JWdaughter

    I think lads churches are less worshippy than some churches but there is definitely a more generous spirit in the place and the church fosters fellowship and encourages community interaction and participation and fosters relationships in he congregation.

    Opposite the WT

  • Vidiot

    Personally, I've pretty much had my fill of organized religion, but as I've said before...

    ...any church that respects the discoveries of science and history regardless of the implications, fairly utilizes the democratic process, embraces fiscal and policy transparency, takes the duty of care of its members seriously, and fosters positive community activism will always have my respect.

  • Jse

    I went to a small church with my cousin and the people scared me. I felt like they were trying to love bomb me. I quick learned that they truly cared about me. After about two years I tried a mega church, they were even more friendly than the first church. They had a meeting for about an hour after the service to tell you about the church. It seemed like a sales pitch. I was wrong. Everything they said about the church was true. I've been going there ever since, and I love it there. Both churches were 100x better than any KH.


    People from other Christian churches won't hate you if you stop that's kinda a big diff, no?

  • joe134cd

    I have just started attending a mandarin chinese speaking church. It has just under 200 hundred in attendance. In the time i have been attending there have been couple of things that stand out to me.

    (1) There has never been any mention or requests for money.

    (2) They don't pass around a collection plate.

    (3) In fact there are no boxes to put the money into.

    Despite this the church is still making some serious money. Just under 10k a week. Of which all in goings and out going are mentioned after the sermon. This idea that the JWs are the only religion that don't ask for money is just in correct.

    To be honest I've found the congregation to be a little stand off-ish which I can probably put down to the language barrier. But all in all from the last couple of weeks attending I can't complain.

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