Approximately how many JW have left permanently?

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  • sparky1

    Pete Zahut got me thinking. I am 62 years old and off the top of my head I came up with 40 witnesses that I have known since growing up a witness that left the religion and never returned! WOW! I bet if I strained my brain, I could come up with more.

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    An interested person studies first. After some 'progress' he/she then becomes a publisher. Said publisher is then assigned a publisher card, at which time they are considered a member of the congregation. Then later after further indoctrination the student/publisher gets baptized and is officially dubed a JDub. If said publisher (though not baptized) later decides to not go out in field service, fails to report time and not attend meetings...said unbaptized member is labeled inactive and could potentially be 'marked' as bad association. For all intense and purposes this once publisher, now inactive and never baptized individual is considered to have 'left' the organization...of which there are tons and tons of ex-publishers though unbaptized JWs! There are literally tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of JW children who were once non-baptized publishers, never baptized who have left the organization and treated like outcasts by family and fiends. Add to these ex-publisher, never baptized JW youth the amount of adult Bible studies who over the years also attended meetings, became publishers, were assigned publisher cards and became members of their congregation then got cold feet and stopped shy of baptism...your really getting into the millions and millions of "ex-JWs" who have left the organization!

    My comment was about pointing out how a research organization looks at data, not at all making excuses for the organization's practices, which most of us agree are abhorrent. Go back and read what I wrote, for starters, before you shoot your mouth off. Been on this forum 11 years and out for 12. Glad you got your rocks off...Next time, get a date...


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    This topic came up a while back. Someone posted a comment at there are more ex jws than active jws.

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