Just curious about how faithful women are these days. Anybody know?

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  • Alostpuppydog

    So being someone who is not, however still believes around 70% of what the JW's talk about as far as the bible goes, ignoring the fact of no blood transfusions, shunning, etc. WT doctrines, I got this question.

    Anybody really know how faithful 'Worldly' (I use this term lightly 😉) women are these days? I mean to be honest I have dated 2 in my past and am mid-college aged, and haven't looked in awhile. Just kind of curious what you guys or even girls have noticed. Because we all know divorce is super prevalent these days and there are ALOT of 'hohos' out there.

    Just curious as to what you may have seen/experienced and whether or not you would say remaining single for the rest of your life is a better option. 🤔🤔

  • 2+2=5

    Wordly people are dangerous, usually infected and are always eager to deceive.

    Jws are squeaky clean. Lousy blowjobs though.

  • jhine

    Me. :-)


  • Onager

    There is NO difference in the fidelity of JW people and non JW people on average.

    I've engaged in inappropriate behaviour with more than willing JW women and I've been given the slow down soldier talk from non JW women. I know that's not "hard" data, but that's my experience and I see no reason why it wouldn't apply generally.

    You are likely to encounter more guilt, angst and regret with a JW though.

  • Landy

    Lousy blowjobs though.

    Oh, i don't know ....

  • stillin

    I feel like women, and men, size each other up, like "what's in it for me?" a lot more nowadays than they used to. I entered love spontaneously, then built on that foundation.

    Maybe I'm getting cynical but I hope I'm never in the market again. A real friend that you can trust is rare, indeed!

  • DJS

    Since the birth control pill appeared on the scene, the differences between men and women when it comes to fidelity and sexual activity have gradually shrank. Most studies continue to suggest a gap between men and women in these areas, but that gap narrows with each passing year.

    Other social changes have contributed to the lessening of the gap, such as eliminating or minimizing use of such words as 'ho ho' as a pejorative noun to describe a woman when a man gets a free pass or a fist bump and 'inappropriate' to describe normal behavior between consenting adults. BTW, the Dark Lords said to say thank you that their programming is still working.

    Divorce rates are also down in the US, per capita, from the 70s, 80s and 90s, so your angst regarding divorce and infidelity appears to be no more relevant than it has been.

    Waning religious influences have also contributed to the smaller gap, as have greater educational and economic opportunities for XXers that were not as available or were discouraged before. The data suggest that quite soon in W lands there will be no gaps. Earth girls are easy. Just like Earth boys.

    I don't know what it is you are asking, however. You seem to be fearful of sexually empowered girls. If so, remain celibate or single. And pm me their contact information.

    If you are as young as you say then you should halfway be aware that Millenials are re-defining relationships/sex. Open relationships, polyamory, me and you and she can come too, etc., if not typical are not uncommon. That can mitigate trust issues. And be a helluva lot of fun.

  • Onager

    Sorry DJS, when I used the term inappropriate, I should have clarified that it was in the context of JWdom, not the wider context of consenting adults generally.

  • DJS


    As everyone knows, I have a deeply ingrained aversion to all things DarkLordian and especially to the special language they developed to control us and to have us judge one another in order to control us.

    I jetisoned that language in its entirety the minute I left the DarkTower 20 plus years ago. It slays me that so many continue to use the DarkLords' lingo long after leaving that vile cult.

    Inappropriate has over the years become one of my least favorite words because of the DarkLords. It was used to control us, and most of the time the use of inappropriate was inappropriate. It is difficult for me to believe that anyone is truly free from their control as long as they are using the programming language.

  • Alostpuppydog

    Well I have definitely noticed how society has changed from studying history. Now just looking at my generation alone, I see they don't even understand the concept of marriage. They think it's dumb and having sex parties is cool. And I can imagine this must be having an affect even on those of my generation in the JW society.

    As for being clean I still am! But I wouldn't trust a JW girl over a worldly girl when it comes to that. Just because of what I have seen/heared from other JWs that are in the dating pool.

    For loyalty, however, the whole 'one flesh' is really seeming to one person nowadays in Kingdom Halls. I see ALOT of single minesteral servants in their 30s/40s and plenty of single women. This organization must be putting a huge strain on these people because they seem to either go overboard or completely delete their reproductive organs. It's strange.

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