"Child abuse is abhorrent to us."

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  • jwleaks

    This is a very famous and iconic image in Australia.

    On the left is one of Australia's most notorious child rapists, Gerald Ridsdale, during one of many trials that found him guilty of raping over 50 children with some as young as four.

    On the right is Ridsdale's only friend and supporter during the trials, Cardinal George Pell.

  • barry

    I read an article by Andrew Bolt who said the charges against Pell are false. The reason he gave is that Pell was out of the country at the time. The alleged offences were about 50 years old and people sometimes over that period get things confused. I have no side in this and am happy to let the chips settle where they fall.

  • Chook

    Imagine sending your kid off to bethel like in the old days when that kid in the bible got the striped jacket as a family send off to the temple. What young child would be safe in that surroundings. I think the house of God has some demons.

  • smiddy

    As the saying goes "where their `s smoke theres fire"

    "Cardinal Pell is charged with multiple sex abuse offences relating to multiple complainants"

    This case has gained world wide attention him being a senior Cardinal close to the Pope and the Vatican

    I wonder if their are any senior members of the WTB&TS that we will find out one day that has skeletons in the closet ?

  • Chook

    I mad how many countries deal with this pedo problem in vastly different ways, in India they literally get away with murder, then Iran hangs them from a crane, ISIS dominated cities had yazzie child brides for entrees, Europe gives them luxury prison conditions, poor Asian countries in the mountains are as corrupt as hell ,pedos paradise. Give examples of countries procedures for dealing with this plague ?

  • Hecce


    Thanks for the picture, it says a lot.

  • stuckinarut2

    Isn't it odd that these religious groups say they abhor child abuse, yet their primary textbook, the BIBLE, is full of accounts of "virgin girls being taken as wives and concubines"!

    These CHILDREN were forced into situations that the secular laws of today rightly condemn! Yet supposedly God was ok with it! So why should the religious groups of today be any different to their "God"?

  • Hecce

    Pope defrocks pedophile priest who claimed abuse was old Jewish ritual

    Mauro Inzoli, known as ‘Don Mercedes’ told one victim the molestation was an Old Testament ‘sign of affection between father and son’


  • Lostandfound

    Cardinal Pell is at the moment innocent, not convicted by any court, if the prosecutors inAustralia take him to court and have a guilty verdict announced then he is guilty. We may have very strong and valid opinions on anything, years in the WT makes me weigh up everything good or bad reported on someone I will never know. Many good people had JC decisions that blackened their names for decades, let's not jump on that boat. Smokewithout fire, heard that one scores of times at the KH, so now preferto let justice take its course.

  • Hecce

    More background information:

    Paedophile priest Gerald Ridsdale pleads guilty to abusing another 11 victims


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