Are JWs still reporting time?

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  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    Dont forget the walking through Alaska bush for 10 hours each way and making all 3 meetings each week.

    I like the 75 year old still doing hall construction and then question why someone who died at 73 isnt.

  • BluesBrother

    Yes the group overseers ring round and put them on the spot to make a report. It must get tedious writing out letters you do not mean, send them to people you do not know, in the knowledge that they are going to bin them.

    Still, it all looks good on the report .......

  • Phizzy

    Many years ago we had a somewhat strange "sister" in a Congregation about 20 miles away, who refused to report time, she said " It is between me and Jehovah". She did go out on the knock-knocks, just refused to report how much time.

    I presume she was prevailed upon to Report eventually, but I would have loved to have heard the conversations as Elders tried to justify why she had to. She was stroppy enough to counter all there reasons I would have thought.

    Today's 'phoning around means there is even more control, but how can the Elders know how much time you have really spent ? Field Service Reports from most JW's back in my day were really great Works of Fiction, today's must be even more fanciful.

    I do wonder whether all this is adding to the cognitive dissonance which must be felt by JW's to a greater degree these days than it did me all those years ago.

    As Blues said above, they must be aware it is a waste of their time.

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