How Old Was Eve When She Was Tempted?

by berrygerry 28 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • berrygerry

    Has this question ever been answered by WT or Biblical apologetic?

    If near the beginning of her creation, would she not have had the effective development of a a toddler or even a baby?

    If so, would you sentence a toddler or a baby to death for grabbing an appealing candy from a bowl?

  • dubstepped

    From the pictures I've seen she was an adult, lol.

  • Esse quam videri
  • dubstepped

    How did a toddler or baby understand what the snake was saying? How did it reach the fruit? How did that one rib from Adam fit in a baby's body? Did Adam take care of Eve as a baby and raise her to be his perfect wife? Lol, dumb questions abound because the whole story is ridiculous to begin with.

  • Finkelstein

    Her age wasn't mentioned in this mythological story.

    Probably the people who made this story didn't think it was important.

    One thing to note is that within this story Adam and Eve were perfect so that were not subject to age or time .

  • berrygerry

    From the pictures I've seen she was an adult, lol.

    Yes, it is taught that she was created physically as an adult.

    But, what about her mental capacity?

    They never had sex before being expelled from the garden of Eden - why in the world not? Was it part of Eve's lack of development?

    Jan 15, 1958 WT p. 63:

    Their first act of intercourse that the Bible records was after their expulsion from Eden as sinners. Why they did not have intercourse and produce children during their stay in the garden of Eden is their own personal affair.
  • scratchme1010

    There was no Eve, no talking snake. That's a fable.

  • waton

    that they both could be tempted by a fruit and not each other, naked at that, is touching, shows you the power of talking snakes. [stories]

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    I remember a talk, many years ago, where it was stated that Eve partook of the fruit "within a month of her creation".

    The reasoning given was that she would have had such sexual desires during that time period they must have been put out of Eden very soon after her creation.

    As has been stated, naked woman tempted by a talking snake to eat a particular fruit is all twaddle anyway.


  • tiki

    Omg....she was formed as an adult woman....that is the conception.

    Far more interesting is the "in the beginning God created man and woman, male and female he created them" The rib thing came later. Soo the real question is what happened with lilith....numero uno.

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