Jehovah's Witnesses and the Great Crowd

by Meshech 25 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • waton
    There is considerable evidence in Revelation itself that supports that the 144,000 and the Great Crowd are the same body....the entire church of God. Vh:

    or how about the the entire congregation are the 12 tribes, but the 144 k come out of that greater crowd? as it says 13 times "out of" 144 k "anointed" make up only a small part of the 12 tribes.

  • smiddy3

    And if Jehovah and Jesus don`t even exist at all its all very meaningless .

    Its puzzling to me why intelligent human beings in this day and age debate interpretations and meanings of writings of thousands of years ago who had no knowledge of the information that is at the fingertips of anybody who has a PC today.

    If Jehovah ,Yahweh ,Jesus or any other God is going to destroy 8 Billion people simply because they can`t decipher correctly what was written down in an ancient language of thousands of years ago ,

    Then I say stuff em ,their not worthy of my worship ,and they certainly don`t love humankind.

  • Charles Gillette
    Charles Gillette

    Meshech. Thank you for the memories. I was a watchtower slave for 33 years in Brooklyn.

    With all due respect to all your hard work. This discussion from the Bible is meaningless and moot. This not an attack on you. It is about the issue of the bibical material being used as if it actually is the word of god.

    Which many persons including myself believe it is the writings of men.Historically it has been proven that the bible is not from god. Hence,the reason I say that anyone using it is meaningless and moot.

    However for those that do believe and can prove that belief, that the bible is actually from god to themselves than you have made a great effort to help them understand the one and only belief of the heavenly hope for them.

    I only wish that I could be part of that belief but i am convinced otherwise.

    Meshech take good care of yourself.


  • Vidiot


    It ain't that "great".

  • jhine

    dofp , house can mean household which is defined as a group of people living together , or descendants as in "Jesus was from the house of David "


  • wozza

    I enjoyed your post Meshech it was coherent and is not out of place here , as all kinds come here .

    But as far as relevance to those that have no faith in the bible it becomes moot to them and it does show again how deceptive the scum of the wts are.

    Not hard to see why the wts is trying so hard to bury their history of old light new light ,well done

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