My Millions book got a bad review. I wonder if the guy is a JW?

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  • GodZoo

    This one?


    not deserving of a half star 6 Mar. 2016

    By Thomas Carr - Published on

    Format: Kindle Edition

    slander of others religions is worse than Trump. instead of being ignorant read the bible and get the answers. you are not worshiping people you should weork towards woirshiping God. you learn about God by reading the bible not destroying freedom of religion. people that are afraid oif what they dont know becomes example of Hitler. be wise research and read the bible. have love for everyone.


    Is that it? Is this what the drama is all about?

    Of course the subject matter of the book alone guarantees one will attract all sorts of people including your nut job extremist JW's. But I hardly see his little rant and anything to get upset

    As regards the guys grammar and spelling it sounds like English might not even be his first language. I see people in this forum apologising for their formatting/spelling/grammar all the the time especially when posting using mobile devices. People posy in here when totally drunk!. Again not a big deal.


    From the sentence structure, I doubt the "critic" could read your book and obtain anything even close to comprehension.


  • steve2

    Thanks GodZoo for making your point in a calm yet frank way.

    My respect to you for your pursuit of the topic. You share in common with me a nice ability to steadily clarify and marshall your arguments. What's not to like!

    I think it's as simple as you and me having our Riled-Up meters calibrated somewhat differently.

    I'm a little riled up over the negative but slight review while you're a little riled up over those who are riled up over the review.

  • Diogenesister
    I just got a copy with Kindle Unlimited!!! Looking good! Don't worry, yourll get a good in from me unkie punkie .. BTW some of my family live in Cottenham!
  • punkofnice

    Thanks for you input Jooky and Steve2.

    As for being 'riled'....nah. I'm not riled. As I said I expect critics. I am open to constructive dialogue.

    I was wondering if the 'critic' in this case, might be a JW. The 'review' simply wasn't a review. Just bringing this to the forum as a JW related topic. as this is a forum for such, I thought it would be of interest.

    Me, riled? Have you ever known such a thing?

  • punkofnice
    Dio - Cottenham...not too far from me.
  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Good morning, Punk and Steve:

    Agreed. Simply commenting on one's observations of another's words and actions is what one does. As to JW commentary on any matter, I see in public media where JWs are prominent that shallowness of intellectual discussion runs deep. What scarce commentary on Scripture or Christian life there might be, it amounts to little more than "Jehovah is good to his people" and "Don't we have the best way of life?"

    On these other forums, I have endeavored, on many an occasion, to inject a bit of spiritual profundity from earlier years when our much-touted Theocracy was seriouser and majesticker. Few takers on the JW front.

    I still love them, but you just can't talk and debate much below surface level. They get riled . . .


  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    Having my book " How do you measure up as a lover" ridiculed on Amazon, I can fully understand the disappointment of bad reviews. On chapter one of my book " How do you measure up as a lover" I asked this important question.

    When you go out on that so important first date with a girl what do you look at first?

    1. Her Eyes

    2. Her Hair

    3. Her Teeth

    4. Her Husband

    I followed this up with other challenging questions i.e. Chapter 80 which asked, " When you meet a girl on a first date do you give her:

    2. Chocolates

    3 . One

    Now I thought these thought provoking and helpful questions, would get good reviews,

    Other chapters asked these challenging questions " Do you believe in holding hands before marriage" and " Do you know where deodorant comes from? So I had hoped I would have got me on the best seller list. Sadly to recite one of my Amazon negative reviews " I put it to you that you are a virgin, and nothing more than a disgusting evil-minded creep" Well the review may be true, but if anybody wants a personal signed copy of my book " How do you measure up as a lover?" it's yours absolutely free, because I have 10,000 of them taking space in the garage.

    The Rebel :-)

  • umbertoecho

    He can't spell and is grammatically horrendous. How can someone with such dreadful lack of the basics of decent writing be taken seriously?

    If this negative attack upon your book had been dealt with in a literary manner, complete with a few decent and verifiable refutations I may, just may...........have been less dismissive.

    I truly annoys me to read such lazy American/English. On a scale of 1-10 I can only give this poorly educated soul 3 out of ten for effort..

    This sounds harsh does it not? Yet there are so many programs online that will assist such a person to deliver a better construction or refutation of your book. I do wonder if such individuals are aware of the term "research" and wonder if this may be a JW. Or perhaps a general pain in the a.

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