We are like pet dogs that run off with wild dogs...

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  • Onager

    A farmer had a pet dog. Sometimes the farmer would ignore the dog, or feed him rotten food. On the rare occasions, when the dog had time off from his duties, he sometimes tried playing with a ball or chasing his tail but the farmer shouted at him and said this was unacceptable behaviour for a dog. Despite this the dog was loyal to the farmer and was happy because the farmer had told him that his was the best .farm in the world and the dog believed the farmer.

    One day the circus came to town and that evening as the dog was patrolling the borders of the farm he saw a beautiful lady dog on the other side of the fence. She called to him but he ignored her as the farmer had told him that all dogs that didn't belong to the farm were evil. But the next night she was there again, and the next until finally the dog spoke to her and found out all about life outside the farm.

    So the farm dog ran away with the beautiful circus lady dog and they had good times and bad times but every day the farm dog spent some time playing with a ball and he never, ever, thought about the farm or the farmer again.

  • Ray Frankz
    Ray Frankz

    This isn't certainly the most nonsense thing that Lett would have said.

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