If all the world were JWs....

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  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    **but without the benefit of anti-depressants that JWs are so reliant on.**

    Now that would be total hell !!!

  • Miss Worldly
    Miss Worldly

    Ok, so my take. Sorry if I'm being dumb (it's because I'm worldly!) but, if all the world were JW's. . . There would be no need for JWs as there would be no 'badness' left in the world........

    ...... Either that or Armageddon really happened.........

  • David Graham
    David Graham

    Imagine what Facebook would be like!

    Instead Of the like button, this would be the marking button.

    All posts would be closely scrutinised by "elders," if anyone steps out of line, (like posting a dog picture,) instead of everything watchtower, there would be a cyber visit arranged by two cyber elders. If it is a wanton act of "apostasy" then three elders would be cyber arranged. When your judged to be guilty, you would be banned from, not only Facebook, but the internet!

    Poking will be banned, as this may stir up unnatural sexual desire.

    A direct "praise us" button to the gobod.

    Messenger will be exclusively used for the purpose of "shepherding."

    Although dog video's would be a no no, Panda video's and video's of kids playing with Lions and Tigers would be encouraged.

  • cofty
    It would be like North Korea, a regime where everything that isn't forbidden is compulsory.
  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Good thought Island man. If all the world were JWs, and thank goodness it can never happen, the leaders would become empowered to rule with unchecked tyranny in a stale and regressive dystopia.

    The personal beliefs and whims of the GB would be the universal rule which would not countenance private thought and natural human activities and impulses. Suicide would become the main way of escaping this false paradise.

    Fortunately the JW org will not withstand the scrutiny offered by modern internet technology and they will never succeed in the new scientifically connected world to promote their abusive and misguided "Bible-based" ignorance.

    The Roman Church tried such a paradise back in the Dark Ages.... which is where this idea belongs.

  • JWdaughter
    No, sharia is better. I was a Christian in countries where sharia was in force. (Sharia is defined differently in different places). I was safe to be me, safe to go to church. Uncovered, etc. Most Muslims are not into converting the unwilling or ELSE! That world of JWs allows no diversity.
  • JWdaughter

    My mom was vaporizing about building their own houses and living in them.

    Mom, you whine when the handyman take too long to come over

    If I had eternity and perfect health I could do it myself

    You were married to contractor for 40 years. You can't change a doorknob.


    I will be able to travel and see the world. All of Jehovah's beautiful world and the Eiffel tower and croissants in Paris, and go on a photo safari. No work, no worries about money!

    Me: who is building vehicles, providing fuel? Who's making your croissants and lattes? How long will the Eiffel tower last? Teleporters and magic wands?

    Mom: Jehovah will provide

    She thinks paradise earth is exciting. Anyone remember a promise of exciting?

  • sowhatnow

    one elder years ago told me his take on that, he strongly reasoned that god is not wasteful, and for no reason will anything on earth be immediately destroyed, as in those war like photos they print up.

    as eveyone will still need a system of money, and still need housing and transprotation and such. only humans will die....

    he claimed it will take 1000 years to bring the earth back to its clean condition, by eliminating the 'bad' that mankind has done to it.

    Now lets reason on that...

    everyone dies whos not a jw at armageddon.......

    WHO IS GOING TO OPORATE everything?


    [good gravy, watching the show on the discovery channel, called soemthing like, earth without man, shows how fast the planet would change without man to maintain things.]

    when not a jw was told that they should go to college? oh wait, trade schools, theyll save the day..lol

    To destroy everything immediately mean sure death for most of the few jws on the planet. lol

    and anyway , were supposed to get a new earth, lol and a new heavens, hmm, why a new heaven? whats wrong with it??

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    I never thought about a new heaven, why a new heaven?? LOL Maybe the anointed GB will

    take over.

  • redvip2000

    Basically you might as well move to amish country and live there for a well to experience this.

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