New Bible, In Spanish.... Why taking so long?!

by Doubtfully Yours 17 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • ?me?

    Does anyone know if the "new" bible is in any other language ? I think they have ALL the English ones (mini , research) before they branch out to all the languages .

    Also , what version do they quote on the digital magazines and books in Spanish or other languages? The old NWT?

    I always hated the hoopla they made about the new NWT . So they phrased some scriptures differently ! It's not like it is new info or earth shatteringly clearer now. Also the bible is the bible even the KJV(and others ) is the "word of God" and was used by witnesses before they printed their own version of the bible

  • dropoffyourkeylee
    I'm sure there must be a number of non-JW Bibles available in Spanish, surely a better choice than any NWT
  • konceptual99
    Maybe they've got the same people as are on getting Crisis of Conscience back out there. :whistle:
  • Lieu

    Exactly RubaDub,

    Latin America is a gigantic Curacao. There's different languages mixed together depending on the indigenous groups that were around before the Spanish and others showed up . A lot of borrowed words in the daily language, not to mention concepts. Then there is the US  and spanglish.

  • Dreamerdude
    I can image some Spanish speaking dubs stressing about this. Spanish has been the largest language group in number of publishers for several years. They should really have been first, but they aren't as profitable. I feel kind of bad for the extremely deluded ones. The English RNWT came out in 2013, so the Spanish could reasonably expect theirs in 2014. But nope. Not in 2015 either. But Angola, Brazil, and Portugal got theirs.
  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    Oh, Jehovah's holy spirit sure is abundant these last days, but just not enough to translate his own 'word'.

    Big red flag on the claim that they are the mouth piece of God these 'last' days. What a joke!


  • sparky1

    "Culo?..........Burro?..........Culo?..........Burro?.........Culo?.........Burro?........Man this Spanish translation is hard work! The 'hell with it'. I quit." - G. Jackson Governing Body(tm) languages translation committee.

  • Diogenesister
    Is it possible that Latin languages are harder to fraudulently " translate" into WT doctrine than English, given that Latin was the language of the church for hundreds of years? Would the fakery be easier to spot for experts???

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