Do I Sit or Stand For The Anthem Now!?!?

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  • thedepressedsoul

    My conscience is so split now!

    If I sit, I am taking part in a political movement and getting involved in Satan's system of things!

    If I stand, I am showing that I agree with Satan's system and I am worshiping idols.

    In all seriousness, witnesses loved this one because it made them "stand out". People wondered why they were sitting.

    Now, they're just going to think they're involved in a political issues. I wonder if the GB will try to come up with something new to do during the anthem. Maybe start praying loudly?

  • LoveUniHateExams

    You can sit, stand or kneel.

    Don't sweat it ...

  • Jules Saturn
    Jules Saturn

    I feel the same way, I work at a school and the children sometimes ask me why I don't recite the Pledge of Allegiance or put my hand on my chest. It's a very awkward conversation.

  • MrRoboto

    I think the last official stand on this (no pun intended) was that you may stand but not sing. Could be wrong tho

  • sir82

    I can hear the JW spin now:

    "Satan is increasingly desperate because he knows his time is short! His latest ploy is to make our decision to sit respectfully for the national anthem to look like an act of political protest."

  • TD

    If I stand, I am showing that I agree with Satan's system and I am worshiping idols.

    No, no, no and no....

    Bowing down is an act of worship. Standing up is a sign of respect.

    Surely you stand when a judge enters the courtroom?

  • vivalavida

    Very interesting article on this subject. In fact, it's all about freedom of conscience. Of course, JWs won't ever understand that, even though they call a lot of things a 'conscience matter'.

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    *** w02 9/15 p. 24 “Salvation Belongs to Jehovah” ***

    When national anthems are played, usually all a person has to do to show that he shares the sentiments of the song is to stand up. In such cases, Christians remain seated. If they are already standing when the national anthem is played, however, there is no need for them to take the special action of sitting down. It is not as though they had specifically chosen to stand for the anthem. On the other hand, if a group are expected to stand and sing, then merely standing up out of respect but not singing would not constitute sharing in the sentiments of the song.

    I think there was a similar WT about 1985 which said the same. Obviously in view of recent events David Splane will need to devise an overlapping procedure that is neither standing nor sitting.


  • FedUpJW

    On the other hand...

    We seven popes in Warwick just LOVE to split hairs, and keep you poor, sorry sheep as confused as possible with constantly shifting explanations of what the Bible really teaches. Trust us, would we ever mislead you?

  • RubaDub

    When the national anthem is played, I plan on standing and then mooning everyone in the audience.

    That way, I am not sharing in the worship of idols.

    Rub a Dub

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