Why go online

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  • fulano

    Not the whole world has the means, pc’s, tablets nor even tv’s to get along with the Borg.

  • kramer

    oh dear...

    Pistolpete - there is software that is used to monitor truck drivers to tell when they are sleepy at the wheel. Presumabley the owner of the truck company did not design the software, just gets the infomation it collects. Therefore, I think WT might get access to software it can use to monitor people's faces and discern how they are listening/engaging.

  • RubaDub

    I think WT might get access to software it can use to monitor people's faces and discern how they are listening/engaging.

    @Anna Marina ...

    I'm planning on wearing very dark glasses and putting one of those airline pillows around my neck to keep my head up.

  • joe134cd

    The thing that really peeves me, is for years Wt had been beating up the internet e.g Jehovah’s holy spirit was to be found amongst his people serving at the hall. I remember even been counciled ,when I gave a bible reading from a print out, that Gods word was to be found in the bible. I can’t believe what it has become.

  • DesirousOfChange

    I think the 8 (or is it 9 now?) Grand Dukes (GB) are totally fucking delusional. They actually believe that they were hand chosen by Almighty God to be of the select few (in this --overlappy-- generation) to go to Heaven and be with God. How much more narcissistic can one be?

    WTF are they smoking? Steve Lett is "special" that Joe Hoover passed over all the older faithful men (you can name some, as I can) to be of the very few "remnant" of this time period? HAHAHAHA Or, Sam Herd? Obviously the token N*****.

    I truly believe that these delusional Narcissists really really believe that The End is (finally) Near! There's COVID. Now there is the Mid-East peace alliance. (The JW's will just drool over this!) For them, everything points to The End. Even the CSA lawsuits point to Satan's attacking them! They are confident that Joe Hoover will come to their rescue!

    So, frankly, I think they have just "circled the wagons" and are holding off "til the end". But just like Boozing Joe, and Do Nothing Nathan, and Crazy Freddy, they will just pass off into the sunset (and die) after one Bandaid fix after another (ie, the overlapping generation Bandaid). Death will be a release -- a blessing. It would also be a disappointment but they won't even know that they never made it to Heaven.


  • LV101

    Governing Goon Squad/GB doesn't believe any of the religious crazy hype they tell the adherents and are only concerned how many donations received each week - all thugs enjoy extra loot coming in.

    They don't need to smoke - they're on an all-time high fleecing the rank & file over fake WT fantasies.

  • smiddy3

    Other televangelists don`t seem to have any trouble raking in the money so i don`t see why it would be a problem for the WT religion. Selling off all of the KH`s and making wise investments could be a way to go.

    As for the internet being a bug bear with congregants ,that soon blows over as it already has with other Holy Rollers on TV.

    They could also claim they have the potential to reach many more millions of people that they otherwise can`t reach in today`s world .

  • Anna Marina
    Anna Marina

    There is an assumption being made that chairs sat on to go online will remain static. Think outside the box. If you control the viewer, you can control the angle that their shoulders dip at. That is how you steer these cute little things. Made by Honda and called the Uni-Cub, are these the new congregation chairs?

    If so imagine the new style conventions. Everyone mounts a chair and whizzes round and round to a Kingdom Melody, carrying a colourful umbrella to spell out the names of the GB or do portraits of their faces. With these thing you could even do social distancing. And you could have auto-apostate detection, so you chair scooted away from anyone who'd been clicking dodgey links.


  • rh3988

    They are confident that Joe Hoover will come to their rescue!

  • slimboyfat

    I’ve got a feeling the whole pandemic/Zoom development will turn out bad for Watchtower. It’s been bad for lots of organisations and businesses, of course. Some churches, Watchtower included, initially saw a silver lining with the switch to Zoom meetings. Because attendances were up, new people engaged, old contacts reconnected, inactive members reactivated. But with a few months’ perspective that is beginning to look more like an initial boost rather than a sustained trend.

    The longer Zoom meetings continue to replace the Kingdom Hall the more participation seems to drop off. The novelty factor has worn off. People are returning to work, school, shops, family visits, restaurants, and so on. The KH begins to look like an odd exception, and Zoom meetings easily drop off as life becomes busier again.

    On the other hand, if and when Watchtower do return to meetings at the Kingdom Hall, there will inevitably be some older ones who don’t want to take the risk. There will also be people who just got out of the habit of attending and may not bother. They may attempt a hybrid KH/ Zoom meeting (as many churches are already doing—JWs behind the curve as usual, yet perpetually convinced they invented the wheel) but it will only encourage more to stay at home and not be fully engaged.

    Not to mention donations are down significantly. Overall the pandemic and the switch to Zoom was a short term boost for JWs, but is likely to be a long term disaster in terms of participation and revenue. Many businesses and organisations will fold in the pandemic, it’s not out of the question that Watchtower should be one of them.

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