Yearbook 2014 NWT is The Finest Translation of the Bible Available to Mankind. 😇

by Fabian 11 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • smiddy3

    If the Bible was truly Gods word in the first place why do so many Bible Translators have to keep on making revisions of the Bible ?

    Is the creator of the universe not capable of articulating himself well enough in the first place ?

  • john.prestor

    I don't have any issue calling it a translation, it's fine for the most part if a little wooden and kind of awkward. It's just their change things here and there to fit their own doctrines which turns me off to it, Jesus saying This means my body kind of thing when the Greek says This is my body, because that sounds too Catholic. It's dishonest. Worst thing in the world? Not even close. Problematic? Yeah, a little.

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