Same Talks Again and Again

by Akid48 26 Replies latest jw experiences

  • Finkelstein

    The WTS/JWorg has been exploiting people fears and ignorance for over a century, claiming that mankind is living in the End Times , we have the signs now, Armageddon just around the corner, its all propagating BS and ignorance and you can also add this religious publishing house exploited people's basic belief in the bible .

    Science and knowledge tells why things occur on this planet and even to why and what causes humanity's social behavior out of that inherent human ignorance.

    Your right about the earthquake issue AKid, a matter of fact the earth was more volatile and active in earthquakes in the past causing continental division and creating the great mountain ranges we see today.

    The ancients (ie.Hebrews) who lived 3 or 4 thousand years ago wouldn't know that though.

  • blondie

    The talks are usually exchanged with speakers (elders) from other congregations, usually a specific elder with that assignment. What you get is what these elders are prepared or willing to give. Many talks are the same with different titles. Most elders have only 3 or 4 talks they can give and many overlap.

    My husband (an elder at one time) noticed that too.

  • Tenacious

    Fear lasts longer than love.

    Fear will always make the member do more for "Jehovah" a.k.a. Warwick vermin.

  • john.prestor

    You saw through it at 14? You're destined for greatness kid, believe it, be it. I saw through it around 16. I got out. I made my own way. You make yours and don't stop until you get exactly where you wanna be.

  • Akid48

    Good to hear from you again! Hapoy new year! I might be in the minority here with this, but my sons are almost two years younger than yourself, and it would break my heart if I thought they were planning to leave me (actually I think it will probably take one of your earthquakes to shift them LoL). there any chance that in a year or so you could have THAT conversation with your mum? Explain (assuming youre not baptised)you dont want to continue attending meetings dont brlieve in God and make a pact not to discuss "spiritual"things with each other in order to maintain your relationship ? Any chance at all?

    I just hate the idea of that religion depriving another family group of each other!!!

    Only you know whether its worth the risk. After all, you could say, if shes right she doesnt have much time left with you, so surely she should make the most of it, rather than being estranged from you?!!

    By the way, im extremely imoressed with your geography knowledge!I have to nag my sons to do their homework and regularly test them on various subjects, including geography, which is fascinating.

    One thing JWs do for their awake kids , ironically, is give them a real appreciation of education, which my kids take for granted!

    I have had a conversation like that It went ok but it ended with her still wanting me to at least listen to what watchtower says

  • Finkelstein

    but it ended with her still wanting me to at least listen to what watchtower says.

    Probably because she thinks the WTS is telling the truth and that she doesn't want you to parish at Armageddon.

    My mother was the same way.

    Reality is the WTS/Jworg. is a marketing con game which was established to circulate literature and create a semblance of power and control for a few opportunistic men.

  • steve2

    The organization gets away with saying a lot of scientifically erroneous stuff in public talks that it would never put in its publications - because it knows how inept it would look in print.

  • Finkelstein

    Good point Steve2

  • Akid48

    Thats the problem I have mostly with no one getting any education So they can get away with some dumb shit when they talk about science or any other subject.For example is there videos on did it evolve or was it designed (I havent seen one of those videos in awhile so I dont know if thats the title)But they just say what the animal can do and at the end they feel like they totally trumped you in a debate I say this because we have had talks like that would refer to the video or on the back of the awake.

    They didnt show any proof on there side of the argument but since it sounds to complex it couldnt have evolved.

  • john.prestor

    Let me tell you something a mentor of mine once said: It's not supposed to work on you. Those videos are meant to impress and move people emotionally, not convince them intellectually. The Governing Body (they give the final say on everything, let's be honest) does that because evolution makes too much sense and they just don't understand evolution well enough to explain it without looking idiotic.

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