JW Response to Oroville Dam Issue 180,000+ evacuated.

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  • Hecce


    2 years ago

    Last years Typhoon that hit the philipines destroyed three KH's where the members were encouraged to stay after the meeting, Im sure because in their eyes it was gods house. All three halls were detroyed and a storm surge came in and took away half of one congragation killing 25+ members. In all at least 45 JW's were killed because they didnt listen to the local authorities but instead saught refuge in Gods House their Kingdom Hall. They Listened, Obeyed and Got Killed, I mean got blessed..Religion is a snare and a racket and the leaders of this religion should be shot!!!


  • compound complex
    compound complex

    You're correct, Richard Oliver. The two KHs in this area are small.

    The churches in our community have large fellowship halls, ideal for feeding large groups (housing, I imagine, if need be).

    The JW Assembly Hall is in Yuba City, which was evacuated.

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