Superstitious people

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  • biblexaminer

    How dangerous is that superstition?

    On th evening of 911 we were at the hall. One very superstitious bro came to where I was and said "I can't wait to get home and hear the death toll". Exact quote. Not a word of a lie. I remember it like yesterday.

    I replied to him, "you know there was a lot of brothers working in that building".

    His demeanor changed instantly.

    Witnesses believe, and Watchtower teaches it in unbending fashion, that earthquakes, war, pestilence and all kind of suffering, and oh yah, planes flying into buildings, is all an "act of God" and a sign to tell the world that Jesus is in town.

    Wow! Suffering is Jesus' 'calling card'.

    Yea, and this brother was demonstrating openly how simple-minded JWs think about the world. How they think about Jesus. Through the eyes of superstition.

    Satan wins another battle.

    But not the war.

    (ps. If JWs understood correctly what Jesus taught on the Mount of olives, then they would understand that Jesus was fighting this kind of infantile and Satanic poison)

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot
    I'm lucky I am not superstitious.
  • brandnew

    I refrain from eating blue skittles.......

    They look like lil blue smurphs......


    Mad Puppy

  • WTWizard

    I get dragged to that wastefest, I will openly denounce Jesus right at the event. Openly, not underhandedly. I will also denounce their damnation book as an act of black magic against the human race, to enslave us all under full communism. Openly.

    Then, when they question it, I will say that I am merely doing openly what they are doing under veil of the whole ceremony. They hypocritically claim to embrace Jesus while rejecting it; I am openly denying Jesus' existence and the authority of the whole damnation book. Just as they are more Jewish in practice and not full xians after proclaiming to be the only true xians, I am openly denouncing the whole thing without any pretense.

    Just for the record, I wonder what would happen if I set off a few other superstitions. For starters, putting in an unnamed field circus slip (no way to trace it) with 666 of everything written on it. Or I place a slip of paper with no identification into the Worldwide Damnation Fund box with the number 666 and "Hail Satan" written on the otherwise blank paper--for all they know, it could be a check at the time I deposit it. Or bring in some Christmas lights, tinsel garland, some Easter displays, and/or even a Ouija board. I could come in with an electronic device (not the iPad, either--a Galaxy or Venue) with Led Zeppelin playing on the system, while browsing a blatantly Satanic website. When they question it, I could simply say that at least I am being open about rejecting Jesus.

  • Carol1111
    Just imagine you prepare a lovely meal and get plenty of drink and invite your friends to join you, but they refuse to eat and drink. How would you feel about those friends?
  • stillin

    I have seen the Memorial speaker do the same thing; just raise his hand at the attendant to let him know that he won't be "partaking."

    But remember that the attendants and ones who have jobs to do have been briefed. Even parking attendants fully expect the cars to go exactly where they tell them to go, even if it's stupid. I get the "swing into this spot" gesture. There is nobody behind me so I want to back in so as to make things easier afterwards. The parking attendant has an aneurism!

    No exactly superstitious, but they connect it all, somehow, to God.

  • SecretSlaveClass
    All you have to do is consider how everything "worldly" somehow has Satan or his demons connected to it - that says everything about their superstitious behaviour. I remember my mom burning my sisters rock records, clothes she was given by a lady she later discovered was a "spiritist" and how dubs at the KH would gasp whenever it was suspected someone was "being influenced" by demons.

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