Final talk of the 2020 'Always Rejoice' Convention

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  • BluesBrother

    Thanks for reminding me Smiddy... that major change in beleifs passed me by...

    Quote Wt March 2016


    "When were God’s people held captive by Babylon the Great?

    For a number of years, we explained that this captivity began in 1918 and involved a brief period of time when God’s people came under the control of Babylon the Great. ............."

    [New light]

    "That captivity began sometime in the second century C.E. and continued until the cleansing of the spiritual temple in the time of the end.​"


    That is hardly a "minor detail"! When I think of the weeks if not months we spent on a Tuesday night hammering that point in the old Babylon book, as a kid. It was the major thing of the day ..What a waste of time!

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