"In a human moment before Jehovah grabbed her"

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  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut
    Thanks for sharing those interesting photos.

    It's my understanding that many folks from that time period in England, Ireland and elsewhere used the name Jehovah.

    My mother was called upon at the door by JW's when she arrived in the US and was asked if she knew God's name. They were astonished that she knew the name Jehovah but she had been taught that at the school in the village where she grew up. Her mother was the teacher.

    The caption on the photo saying "Jehovah grabbed her" seems like it may have been made by someone who believed that at death, God "takes" people to heaven at will, rather than waiting for a future resurrection.

  • smiddy3

    That Christendom has kept the name of God "Jehovah" from her members for Centuries is just another lie they have told and repeated over the years so that many JW`s and ex JW`s still think is a fact.

    However nothing is further from the truth. Christendom has used the name of Jehovah for God since at least the 13th Century plainly visible on and in Church buildings in Europe and other parts of the world including Australia.

    The name also features in literature ancient and modern pertaining to the Bible as well as hymns in Christendom to this day.

    Christendom has followed the Christian Greek Scriptures (New Testament) of highlighting the name of Jesus as the name that is to be held up above every other name {not Jehovah}

    Of course JW`s have to be different and defy the Christian Greek Scriptures and exult the name of Jehovah.

  • Xanthippe

    What a treat to see your family photos and their beautiful drawings and paintings. Also to hear their stories, thank you Truthseeker.

  • freddo

    Note to Pete ...

    I had two Welsh Great Grandparents and six English. The name Jehovah was certainly known among the independent chapels of Wales.

    To Truthseeker ...

    As regards the photo - I just took it as a rueful husband lamenting the normal human wife he lost to "Jehovah" through the Jehovah's Witnesses.

    I think of the 3 "great" JW Matriarchs (as in staunch finger wagging JW automatons with or without JW husbands) of my family and in-laws living in then Southern England.

    They all lived through the "Blitz" (Look up "Coventry Blitz" on wiki for an example) as young women or young mothers. A frightening time that makes today's bombings in London seem small by comparison.

    They all lost a close relative in death or saw first hand the bombings on their towns by Nazi bombers, killing or disrupting the lives of them, their family and their friends. They all had husbands in the forces or firefighters at risk.

    So along come two nice ladies from dubland - fired up with Rutherfordian zeal filtered through Knorr's corporate expansion campaign and Freddie Franz's answers for paradise and resurrection within the 1914 generation and the rest is history ...

    After the war they all had young children "at home" when their husbands were working (remember the Jesuits - give me a child at 5 and we'll have him for life?) and they were studying with the JW's. These kids - including me are the kids that became elders and pioneers that were the glue of the congregations from the 1960's to the early 2000's.

    They are old and dying off. Their kids are a less committed and THEIR kids even less so. The org is slowly crumbling. But sadly - oh, so slowly!

  • truthseeker


    I had no idea the name of Jehovah was used other than by the Witnesses. Thanks for sharing.

    Smiddy, yes, def a lie the JWs told us, that they're the only ones who use God's name.

    Xanthippe, thank you!

    Freddo, that was my take on it as well. They divorced in the 1960s. My grandmother was more zealous in the truth than her mother. Thanks for sharing your story with us. I agree the org is slowly dying it off, the zeal and commitment just aren't there plus social media is killing them.

  • jp1692

    Great pics and photos. Thanks for sharing!

  • truthseeker

    Here's an interesting update about my family involvement with the JWs.

    I recently discovered medical records regarding my great-uncle's admission to a psychiatric hospital in 1959. He was 20 at the time and the entry for religion had "Jehovah Witness."

    It seems my grandmother got her mother involved, and her brother (my g-uncle) and this would have been around 1958.

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