Last installment of the Scientology series tonight on A & E

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  • nonjwspouse

    Quite right indeed Nathan!

  • cobweb

    Just watched a crappy cropped youtube upload of yesterday's final ask anything episode.

    It was a great way to round out the series. They had Steve Hassan on there. He got quite emotional as he'd had quite a lot of hostility from the COS and he set off Leah crying. I wondered if he'd mention JWs but he didn't.

    Steve did make the point though that one way to get someone to see thry're in a cult is to compare with other cults. Thats is why this show has power that goes beyond Scientology.

    Leah said there was only ever supposed to be 8 episodes but its left open as to whether she will do more. It didn't seem like she was ready to let it go.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    I just watched "Ask Me Anything, part 2" (our friend Steve Hassan was GREAT!)

    ...and now I see two more episodes on the schedule; an un-numbered one titled "What Went Down: Victim Blaming" and an episode #8 is scheduled, titled "Leah Remini - APOSTATE".

    She is doing "The Lords Work" - freeing us of the domination of men who would be Kings and Priests over man.

    "I should like this, and I mean it most sincerely, I should like to see the last King strangled with the guts of the last Priest" -- attributed to Voltaire, Diderot, and possibly others.

  • flipper

    Great ! My wife and I will have to watch on xfinityondemand the " Ask me anything " episode with Hassan on it. That should be really good. Thanks for posting this

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