1975 to 2075 a family story.

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  • BluesBrother

    "He is in no hurry to quit this fine life, and reflects on the many sheep that will yet be saved until he and his generation will go to their reward."

    The sad thing is that he and millions like him are quite happy in their ignorance and think that is us, the awaken, who are the sad losers

  • waton
    BlueBrother, right, and few realise that this waiting for heaven or PPP can drag on until 2075 ? actually thinking in terms of ages involved? and in effect realising that it might never come, the wt has it outlined? because who has ever taken 2 generation=1 seriously?
  • Acluetofindtheuser

    Thanks for your comments wanton. They were very logical.

    The Jonah comment you said made me think of past and current JW artwork. The part about it being an event that could never happen. Look at the different sea creatures the art department has chosen throughout the years. They can't seem to stick to one type of creature.

    My book of bible stories (1978) = Sperm Whale (pg 70)

    ?????(can’t remember which book) = Great White

    Lessons you can learn from the bible (2017) = Whale Shark (pg 130)

    The current WT is stuck on the translated words "Big Fish" from the OT. When I saw the book with the great white I just rolled my eyes because the WT artist wasn’t even trying to make it believable. I thought since the sperm whale breathed air I thought there was a chance with a miracle. Now you introduce a real fish that breathes with gills then I say even God can’t do that. I know the account said “fish” but the ancients didn’t separate aquatic mammals from fish back then. The big fish could still be a whale. I know the story could be fantasy but please make it a tiny bit realistic. The sperm whale is a slight maybe, the whale shark keeps Jonah in one piece but he is still dead due to drowning. The great white automatically makes Jonah mincemeat and it doesn't matter if he needs to breath anymore. They should have drawn a blue whale instead. That way there might be room for Jonah in the mouth.

  • waton
    . I know the account said “fish” but the ancients didn’t separate aquatic mammals from fish back then. ACTFheuser:

    The born JWs in the stories, like Brother unplanned, as innocents, never thought children stories were to be questioned as being not TRUTH. These tall tales are supernatural

    A man (preferably Gagarin's size) could be made to survive in a living aquatic animal for 4 days, by putting him in a acid proof suit, with air supply hoses in a Marine World basin. it might kill the creature though. psychologically damage gagarin2 the stomachnaut.

    The anointed idea is supernatural, the overlapping 2=1, infinite=1 is meta math. supernatural

    there is no greater feeling (almost) than being supernatural, while it lasts.---then..

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