Picking up the pieces

by longgone 10 Replies latest jw experiences

  • pbrow

    I second the comments about arriving here broken but more importantly letting go of the guilt. For far too long guilt guided all my choices as a jdub. Fuck the guilt.

    While raising kids as jdubs certainly put unique strains on them life could have been much worse. If your kids left on their own they are way ahead of many of us here!! Good for them! You are out... good for you!! The first and most daunting step is over!

    Besides shedding guilt, now you need to shed your well ingrained ideas of sin and the idea that living for yourself and kids is somehow displeasing to a diety.

    Start being selfish now. You spent many years trying to please an organization. Focus on yourself and your kids. You can be mad or sad or whatever you want but use this freedom to start to focus on the the only life any of us really know that we have... THIS ONE!

    Good luck and welcome.. you are welcome here... even if you dont beleive everything I or anyone else says here.


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