7.1 Earthquake hits Mexico City

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  • ILoveTTATT2

    250 dead so far =(

    Including 21 children in a school that came down...

  • BluesBrother

    Dreadful disaster for the Mexicans. One might have though that they woul have better protection in a major country and capital city. ..

    I have already had the lecture that " It is a sign of the times".. This elder did consider the people but only to say that "There are a lot of brothers there, we hope they are o k "

  • redvip2000

    I believe the original word had the meaning "agitation". This was probably translated as earthquake by some idiot priest, but a natural disaster doesn't fit in well in that bible passage at all, which only addresses people-related issues. This is why many bible scholars think that the original meaning meant agitation of people, which is to say, people being agitated. To me this makes a lot more sense.

  • ILoveTTATT2

    One might have though that they woul have better protection in a major country and capital city....

    They do. For all intents and purposes this was a VERY LOW death toll, considering there are nearly 30 million people living in the area.

    It works out to 0.83 persons / 100,000

    This is actually a success, a measure of how good technology is nowadays.

    If we compare apples to apples, this earthquake was 80% less deadly than the 1985 earthquake, and if we compare raw numbers, 97.5% less deaths.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    I told my golf buddy this morning that all the devastation taking place JW's are happy, that is what they pray for God's kingdom to come. (Golf buddy) So what does that have to do with earthquakes, hurricanes and deaths?(me) In order for his kingdom to be establish about 8 billion people must go up in flames.(gb) say what!!! (me) Yes my man you and everyone you know must die so they can have their paradise.((gb) Well they will be surprise when they see me in heaven.(me) I'am sorry but you can't go to heaven only 144000. (gb) Look man you are giving me a headache lets play golf, how in the hell did you become a JW..

  • EverApostate

    And the Bible states that Earthquakes are a sign of the last days, whereas in fact earthquakes are common Occurrence, since the Earth Existed.

    Questions to ask a JW:

    Why do earthquakes happen. Faulty design ?

    A car company warns that its cars would fail and end up in disasters. Is that something proud to proclaim ? Similarly, JWs proudly proclaim that their GOD who created the earth warned of Earthquakes, in the last days. Isnt that a Shame on that God who created the earth ?

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