Dating in the Org

by Rattigan350 11 Replies latest jw experiences

  • LongHairGal


    Yes, I would have left him too after that slap.

    What an awful position to be in: to be held responsible for somebody else ‘looking good’! Never mind all his rules and regulations..There is so much garbage women put up with in a marriage. It’s having a boss for your whole life!!! It’s bad enough about verbal abuse and having to deal with bad personality traits. But, once somebody raises their hands, it’s Over. It wouldn’t matter if I were living in luxury and/or had kids, I could not stay.

    I know about life not being ‘all roses’ but having peace of mind is priceless.

    In times past and even in other parts of the world today women are dependent on men for the food and shelter over their heads. They tolerate Everything!..I wasn’t raised a JW and am grateful I live in a Western country and was able to support myself and Retire.

    More importantly, I’m Glad I never listened to JW busybodies who tried to interfere in my personal business back when I was younger.

  • Mum

    LongHairGal, thank you for the support. Yes, peace of mind is priceless. When I was young, I tried to please everyone, an impossible task. I did listen to "JW busybodies" and suffered a lot as a result. Then one day I figured out that it really was none of their business.

    We are lucky to be Americans. I realized this when I went back to my old location and was persuaded to attend an elders' meeting. Up until then, I was still a true believer. But during the meeting, I realized that in another place or time, I could have been strung up and surrounded by people who rejoiced at my death. That's the way the elders treated me - for nothing!

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