Welcome y'all from JWR - any questions?

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  • sweetgrass

    Hi Simon,

    Thank you for the warm welcome, its good to see old names from JWR. Occassionaly on JWR a newbie or an ex JWR in 'disguise'would become all preachy with the 'I will pray for you' rubbish but it did not go on for long.

    Maybe the whole JW experience was enough to put off people from religion for ever! it did me, lol.

  • Simon

    Yeah, I've never understood people who have figured out that their "one true religion" was a man-made fraud only to replace it with another one. I just can't get my head around the mindset, it must be todo with needing that crutch in your life.

    We used to put up with the preachy types more than we do now and tried asking them to tone it down but to be honest, it was pointless because they frequently have no self-filter. I think the "god be with you" blessings and stuff are really often used to antagonize people and if they can't limit their own expressions then we have to help them with it.

    As I said though, I have no problem with people wanting to discuss the concept of belief in a sensible way and what evidence there is or isn't for the existence or non-existence of god etc... but if they want the communication to be in one direction and expect us to just be here to listen about how great Jesus is then the deal's off.

    Besides, everyone knows Jibbers Crabst is the only true lord and saviour.


  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    i follow cheese arse

  • fugue

    Simon, thanks for the welcome mat. I wish the jwr mod would at least put a link to this forum, or directly to a thread like this, on the front page message. I'm thinking of how I felt when I first got up the nerve to post on JWR with questions about getting out... if I had seen the forum closed with no way of finding the people who had been giving me advice, it would have sucked.

    Anyway, I'm glad JWD is still alive and kicking.

  • Vidiot

    Simon - "...I think the 'god be with you' blessings and stuff are really often used to antagonize people..."

  • Simon

    LOL. that's how I always read it.

    If they can say things like that, we should be able to say "may you evolve into something better".

  • Vidiot

    * whew *

    I was a little worried you wouldn't like that one.

  • millie210

    Good one Vidiot!

  • Awakening12

    Wow, just went to check JWR and found out it's closed! ☚ī¸

    Now I've read up on what's happened, I'm here to say hello and I'm very happy to see many familiar names from JWR. Great to have a new place to come and mingle electronically and read up on the latest craziness of the cult I spent 30+ years in.

    I have many fond memories of the huge support, fun and profound stories that were shared on JWR. Its great to find another place to share experiences, laughs and support! I'm looking forward to being part of this new exjw online community. 🙂

  • aubergine

    Another thank you Simon, for welcoming all of us from JWR.

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