Welcome y'all from JWR - any questions?

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  • Queequeg


  • FayeDunaway

    Wow, great introduction, Simon, and a nice gesture.

  • 2badsosad

    Thanks for the welcome. And excuse the ignorance here, but is there a short way to refer to this site? E.g. Like JWR?

  • Simon

    Normally JWD ... we were JWN for a while when I switched to use the .net domain but now we're really JWD again: Jehovahs Witness Discussion.

  • Bonsai

    I'm curious to know if JWR was more theistic in nature for those who were on the way out,or out, but were wanting to maintain some kind of faith in god. I find (happily so) that JWD tends to be more atheistic in nature. I'm curious to see how JWR'ers will react to the fiercely skeptic, agnostic/atheistic nature of this forum. I hope we don't put you off or scare you away. I enjoy respectfully debating with theists, as well as keeping track of Watchtower's devious activities. Maybe I should have started a new thread on this topic, but there are always an avalanche of threads as it is...

  • 2badsosad

    Can't speak for everyone obviously but I found a lot on JWR were nontheistic. Personally an atheist, really anti-theist.

  • StarryNight9

    Hi! Thanks for the warm welcome.

  • Vidiot

    @ Bonsai and 2badsosad...

    From what I can tell, the majority of XJWs on the net are mostly nonreligious.


    Frankly, it always takes me by surprise when a former Witness goes evangelical; I'd have thought they'd had enough of that sort of thing.

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    Hi Bonsai there were very few theists at JWR. We had a strict policy of not allowing preaching so we tended not to attract the evangelical type.

  • Simon

    Sounds like we may be similar in approach - we want to allow discussion of theism as it's valuable for current and ex JWs but if people just want to come here and blurt out their beliefs or preach their religion then that will be curtailed.

    "because I believe it" isn't an argument

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