Does this look like the WT is going to be around a long time? One Watchtower @ One Awake for the public in 2022

by pistolpete 31 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Nikolaus

    The Bible Students still use the Watchtowers from 1874-1916. Maybe JW can reprint those, too.

  • Rocketman123

    Well the GB heads have already rewrote the words in the bible by saying generation(s) instead of generation, so whats stopping them of doing more revisions or twisting and manipulation of scriptures ?

    For example they could say all generations from 1914 forward who preach Jesus's new Kingdom are being righteous and loyal to Jehovah.

    I would even guess they would drop 1914 altogether and just say we are true loyal preachers of god's will and purpose in proclaiming god's new kingdom to come... etc.

    New light is a coming, new understanding through god's holy spirit and guidance as they have proclaimed

    Old light such as 1914 will be cast off

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