JW Video Armageddon to occur before 2040

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  • Listener

    Sorry I thought it was a new morning worship video but it is 6 months old and has already been discussed on here.

     It is presented by GB Helper K Flodin and about this generation. The delusion and hypocrisy runs deep.

    He reminds the cult members not to speculate because they aren't supposed to know the day or the hour. Then he proceeds to speculate that Armageddon will occur before 2040.


  • HappyOutsideTheBox

    How can they stand there and spout such rubbish!

    Splane's graph is an insult to all the teachings that went previously!

    When I think of the many years I studied and taught others about the prophetic times using the magic formula from Daniel to PROVE the whole 1914 teaching ... and then the years of preaching that the end would come in our lifetime...arghhhh.

    When it was the year of Peace and Security we went at it big time....

    What fools we were to have been caught by such erroneous teachings...

    What fools we were to have wasted the best years of our lives!

  • HappyOutsideTheBox

    Another thing that just sprung to mind.

    The Watchtower (I can't remember the year) stated that if a member of the anointed fell away they would be replaced by someone of a similar age. And yet in the video he said if someone was anointed in 1990 at 40 years of age!?!?!

    What? Where is the continuity?

    I guess it's a free for all now.

    There was a visiting brother form either The States or The Caribbean in the congregation I attended. He claimed to be of the anointed (he was youngish). He was viewed with great suspicion and spoken of as if he were a 'nutter'. I guess he's 'normal' now since they have clearly thrown away any age related calculations.

    It really is a totally different religion (do they call themselves a religion now?) to the one I grew up in.

    All the years of studying the Babylon, Daniel, Ezekiel books etc... and yet now they have pathetic slim lined magazines that look like a leaflet your find in the doctors waiting room. No deep studying is expected now I guess.

    I'm almost embarrassed for them!

    Rant over :)

  • Listener

    His expression when he spoke about the year 2040 is priceless, talk about fake. These guys know exactly what the are doing. The purpose of his talk was to make it seem that Armageddon was coming any day.

    The idea that an annointed person is selected around the age of 40 is just ridiculous, particularly when a person baptised prior to the 1930s was considered anointed on baptism, meaning even a 9 year old could be anointed. But that is the mindset they are trying to create and I've got a pretty good idea why. It is more than likely that most of the GB members had a flash of light when they were 40 or older and saw the possibility of getting a GB position. They rarely speak about the time when they had this flash and even discourage it.

    I love this new teaching because it so simply exposes them for the fakes that they are.

  • startingover

    I am certain after watching this I see how these men climb the ladder. His comments about Splane were disgusting to me. What a brown noser.

  • WTWizard

    This reminds me of a certain poster that used bogus calculations to "prove" that the end was coming, for certain, in 2011. When January 1, 2012 came, that was conclusively proven wrong. Of course, I thought that there was a very low to no chance of its coming true, since none of it made sense and they didn't even attempt to use something that could be cross-referenced (such as astrology).

    We will likewise be able to conclusively prove that wrong if 2041 comes, or if we are all microchipped and enslaved under the big banks before then. The washtowel does not use anything to prove it that can be cross-referenced. You cannot do your own research to clear it up--nor can you find the astrology behind it.

    Even if it was going to be 2040, isn't that a long time to be living miserable? The washtowel has stripped people of a lot of nice things in the past few years. No toys that bear even faint resemblance to magic or other "unscriptural" things. No sleeping or playing at boasting sessions that go way past bedtimes on school nights and obliterate much free play time. No vacations except washtowel headquarters. No ice cream cones. And now they want people to move down. Sell that house and move into a studio apartment (a studio because they tend to run cheaper than bigger ones and you can't fit much fun into it). Throw away the money. And live that way for 20 or more years.

    At least I have my astrology and common sense. With Saturn returning to 16 Sagittarius (anyone can research that), and Neptune going retrograde back to 9 Pisces, they should really be preparing for the dollar to be toilet paper. Along with this, the banks are in lousy condition, and they are doing this with the goal of microchipping everyone. I would expect that they would want to be buying silver and gold instead of donating to the Worldwide Damnation Fund. That way, they will not be preparing to live miserably in destitution for the following 20 years or more.

  • Fisherman

    speculate that Armageddon will occur before 2040.

    Thanks L. For the link!

    Using 1992 as a reference point limit (fwf died in that year.) anyone anointed should have been born no later than 1972. 1972+20=1992 (anyone claiming to be anointed should be at least age 20 for argument sake.) Therefore, 1972 +20 +60 = 2052 (lifespan of the youngest interlaping anointed using the death of fwf as a refernce, the interlaper being 20 at the time fwf died and adding 60 years to his age. Interlapper witll be 80 in 2052. A centrury and a half of invisible kingdom rule! But what 20 year old would dare to claim anointment at age 20 without an argument and all records are kept by wt and so 40 in 1990 is the limit. And 2040 is the gneration end with current teaching. But 2040 alludes to 2020 because it is an ironic  number- 2020 vision. I have posted 2016-2017 is the expected limit.

  • berrygerry

    Thank you for the post.

    I had seen this video quite a while ago, and remembered the: "Well does this mean ... ?" and had remembered as it being 40 years, i.e. 2054.

    I had listened to Splane's videos trying to locate this gem.

    2040 kids. This time as an official video.

    Thanks again.

  • Lieu

    Silver? Nah its better to buy small farm plots. Plant some foodstuffs. Can't eat silver or gold and it's of no use if people won't sell their food supply for it.

    I'd rather eat than obtain pretty rocks.

    Aside from that, I see some people haven't learned to leave dates alone. They truly are vain.

  • Fisherman

    people haven't learned to leave dates alone.

    Is that your conclusion!

    (Daniel 4:25) . . .and seven times will pass over you, until you know . . . (Luke 21:23, 24) . . .. 24 And they will fall by the edge of the sword and be led captive into all the nations; and Jerusalem will be trampled on by the nations until the appointed times of the nations are fulfilled. (Daniel 9:24-26) 24 “There are seventy weeks that have been determined upon your people and upon your holy city, in order to terminate the transgression, and to finish off sin, and to make atonement for error, and to bring in righteousness for times indefinite, and to imprint a seal upon vision and prophet, and to anoint the Holy of Holies. 25 And you should know and have the insight [that] from the going forth of [the] word to restore and to rebuild Jerusalem until Mes·siʹah [the] Leader, there will be seven weeks, also sixty-two weeks. She will return and be actually rebuilt, with a public square and moat, but in the straits of the times. 26 “And after the sixty-two weeks Mes·siʹah will be cut off, with nothing for himself.. . .

    Time and time and time again, the BIble teaches not leave dates alone except about the exact time and date of "D day".

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