Actively Fading and The Memorial

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  • Bonsai
    Up until the memorial last year, I was getting a trickle of texts and Witnesses were stopping by to check up on me. After the memorial (which I didn't go to) people left us alone. No way I'm going this year either, not unless Jesus himself invites me - in person.
  • KateWild

    I am not a fader. I wish I was but I spoke my mind to quickly. Last year I was encouraged to go to the memorial.

    As I am df'd it's just another opportunity to be ignored and shunned......I would rather talk to JWs at the trolley than go to a memorial.

    My daughter is a fader and stopped going two years ago and never attended a memorial.

    Kate xx

  • sowhatnow

    I asked my mom to show me the scripture that commands that we do that every year.

    and where it says that it must be done on a certain day.

    Jesus did say, 'as often as you drink' [he was only talking to his 11 apostles ,observing the already in practice ritual. I cant see where he was creating a new ceremony ]

    well we drink every day dont we, lol.

    I also asked her to produce the scripture that specifically make it obvious that only 144000 partake.

    not there.

    IMO,its voluntary to meet as a group. no command here to be 'broken'.

  • Freesoul
    There is also a scripture that says to keep remembrance until his return, I asked my dad: Didn't Jesus return in 1914? He gave me a dirty look.
  • steve2

    sowhatnow and Freesoul, you are clearly asking the "wrong" questions. The right questions are, "When is the next Memorial?" and, "Can I attend with you?"

    On the issue of disfellowshipped and/or disassociated individuals being invited, I suggest the following reply (if you are not inclined to slam the door, that is):

    "If I accept this invitation and attend, will you or anyone else shun me when I'm there? I ask because it would be very bad manners to invite someone to a gathering and once they are there, shun them."

    Then listen to their answer.

  • traveb

    When I was in the process of fading, I attended one last memorial to keep up appearances. Once I completely faded and stopped going to meetings entirely, I stopped going to the Memorial, family be damned.

  • TipsyMangoTea

    Landy I think being called a "Submarine" would be cool.

    Whispering jDubs: "Watch out, Bro./Sis. Submarine is back again this year."

    Me: "TORPEDO TIME! Pew pew pew! (*goes about spreading apostasy just from my very presence*)

  • traveb

    My second paragraph got cut off, anyway...

    Not going sends a strong message to people that you're serious about your fade. JWs consider inactive ones who still attend as potential returnees. You'll hear comments such as, "Oh, they must still believe it's the truth!", or variations on that. I also believe that it could also demonstrate that the religion is still an authority in your life, making you you more susceptible to elder visits or judicial actions.

  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro
    Tell them that you thought last year was going to be the last Memorial in this system of things. LOL
  • Crazyguy
    The last time I went two years ago I partook of the emblems, if I was to go again I guess I would have to eat me some bread and drink some wine.

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