Actively Fading and The Memorial

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  • All for show
    All for show

    Those of you fading- With the memorial approaching are you going to appease family? Not going and making up an excuse? Acting like your going but not really?

    The husband and I are trying to decide which route to take. We will be out of town most likely, lie and say we went? Say we didn't. We aren't too sure whats the best action for us to take...curious what you all are doing.

  • millie210

    I am weighing this all out to...grrr.

    Thanks for starting this thread. We cant be the only ones!

  • steve2

    If I were a loyal JW and chasing you up to go to the Memorial and you lated claimed to have attended elsewhere when you were out of town, I'd want to know which congregation you visited and want to see an undoctored photo of you and your husband in the hall on the night in question. You've been warned!

  • Gorbatchov
    fading for 8 years and never missed a memorial due to the family relation reason.
  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    Do you expect someone to actually ask you directly if you attended the memorial ?

    If so, I wouldn't give them power to make you stoop to lying.

    I think if I were asked directly and I was planning on fading and not seeing them anymore anyway, I'd pause and then say:

    Them: So...did you even attend the Memorial this year ??

    Me: (smiling) " Don't get me wrong but I'm just sort of curious as to why you would ask me that?"

    Them: Oh....I didn't see you at ours so I figured you didn't go or maybe went to one somewhere else?

    Me: Oh...Ok I guess that makes sense, (chuckle) for a minute there it was almost as if you were checking up on me.

    Them: So....did you?

    Me: Pfft... have you ever known me to miss a Memorial?

    Them: What Hall did you go to?

    Me: (over your shoulder with a wink as you walk away ) Ha !'re really too much sometimes.

  • 2+2=5
    fading for 8 years and never missed a memorial due to the family relation reason.


    I won't be attending for the 3rd consecutive year.

    My absence comes at a price though, my JW family treat me like a corpse.

  • ttdtt
    No you guys are not the only ones.
  • dazed but not confused
    dazed but not confused

    This will be my 5th consecutive "memorial" missed. Mrs. Dazed 4th.

    From the movie Office Space. ^

  • Lostwun

    will be my first memorial inactive and i plan on skipping out. Already the so called "innocent text messages" have been rolling in from the elder's wives that want to suddenly get up for lunch and catchup after 2 months of no contact.

    I'm no dummy.

  • elderINewton
    This will be first one missed. I'm strategically making family think I'm away that week.
    For giggles I'll be buying wine and some bread to pass at the table so that if I'm asked I'll just say I was in xxxx city and yes I passed the wine and bread.

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