North Korea Has Gone and Done it Again

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  • zeb

    "Japan should start shooting these things down" I agree..

  • Xanthippe

    South Korea has responded with two warning missiles. I got the alert email from the Sydney Morning Herald at 7am having registered with them when the last ARC news came out. Frightening news to wake up to. Someone needs to remove this maniac.

  • Ruby456

    Quid quo pro - we are rarely given accounts of what is provoking the provoker. thanks congnoscience

    Three words: Quid quo pro (and a link). I also wonder how a game theory approach to this situation would model on a computer, that might be a good way to gain insight into the politics of this all. I would bet if the US would agree to quid quo pro, things would not be so tense.

    North Korea is no ideal place to live and no one likes the idea of a dictator. But as long as tit for tat is in the realm of aggression instead of cooperation... well what do you expect? congnoscience
  • cofty
    we are rarely given accounts of what is provoking the provoker - Ruby

    Nothing is provoking the Fat Boy apart from his own ego. The whole country is a quasi-religious cult of personality much as China was under Mao Zedong.

  • smiddy3

    Surely their must be some high ranking military personal in NK that believe this guy running the country is nuts and we will have to have a coup to get rid of him ?

    It happens all the time with nutters that are going to wreak havoc on the nation sooner or later ?

    K.J.U is only one man ,history tells us their are others who would like to depose him ,I think they should hurry up and get their act together before it`s too late.

    The whole country is a quasi-religious cult of personality much as China was under Mao Zedong.

    Point taken ,but you cant tell me their arent Officials in power their that don`t believe that bullshit and if they get the opportunity they will take him out before he brings the country to ruin.

    Its just a matter of how do they do it with the least casualties.

  • Ruby456

    well yes that is true cofty but these sorts of guys take over after a period of instability and often the people are just glad some one has taken charge

  • cofty

    But that is not what happened in NK. Kim Jong-un is the son of NK dictator Kim Jong-il and grandson of dictator Kim Il-sung.

    NK is a religious cult of personality. All hints of dissent are met with violent death. One senior official was put in front of a firing squad of anti-aircraft guns for failing to applaud with sufficient enthusiasm.

  • pale.emperor

    Really hope this mess gets sorted within my lifetime. I'd love to see Kim Jong Un get owned.

    What we need is a high ranking member with no family (nothing to lose) who can walk up and blow him away or garrott the fat bastard in his office.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Kim Jong Un sleeps with, or has slept with, many women. He's also obese and smokes like a trooper.

    Please, please, please - if you do exist God - can you make sure this ghastly dwarf gets something terminal.

    Cancer, stroke, heart attack, AIDS - I'll leave it up to you, Heavenly Father ...

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