What Makes Someone Become a JW?

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  • James Brown
    James Brown

    I was born in in 1952.

    My mother was a JW my father was not. I always figured my mother was not quite right.

    I will say this, in here defense, back in the 50's there was not information available like today. You only had 3 tv channels and they signed off at midnight.

    And my mother finally saw the light and left the cult in the 90's. After the damage was done to my family.

  • carla

    I think mine joined up due to extreme fear of death. Naturally he would deny it and say they have the 'truth'.

    There is no 'death' in normal terms for a jw. Simply sleep and then jah clones you and there you are in a spiritual paradise with pandas and tigers in your front yard and you are happified because you no longer remember your ungodly wife, parents or children who rejected your religion. Yeah, give me some of that! sounds like hell to me.

  • Finkelstein

    Having your sins instantly redeemed is also another reason people join the JWS , add in the possibility of not being killed by Jah at Armageddon and live on through eternity is the added cherry on top.

    I think its also worthy to note that religion is deemed to be a source of power by many men who seek that extenuating power .

    .. from publisher to MS, to Elder , to CO , to Branch Head, to GB member the closest position to god as it were

  • jesscd

    I am/was a 3rd generation born-in on both sides. My grandparents on one side came in because they had a son that died and the concept of the resurrection pulled them in. My grandparents on the other side - well my grandmother was and still is kind of a whack job and the concept of a world that was all unicorns and rainbows where you never died and went around petting pandas and everything tasted like candy canes and maple syrup is all she has ever wanted - well that is what she believes paradise is and that it is right around the corner - been believin' that now for 70 years. My grandfather had an eighth grade education and the concept of being able to advance in the ranks - to become someone important in the congregation was what really brought him in and kept him in - ironically it is also probably what killed him early - in fighting within the elders brought on a fatal heart attack at 56.

  • Diogenesister
    The appeal is the pseudo-intellectual nature of the religion and the demystification of the doctrine.
    ....... it is a faux spirituality based on seemingly logic based doctrine. In a word, it appeals to ego.

    yup. You are the only special one to be privy to the secrets of the universe. More so for the " anointed"

  • problemaddict 2
    problemaddict 2

    Well......I would say community for one. If you aren't in a crazy person hall, it can be quite nice. Ready made friends, little things to do. Its a ready made community.

    Second i would say its EASY to excel. If you can place a couple phrases one after the other, you qualify to be a scholar basically.

    Third I would say that that since their is plenty of hypocricy in Christianity, that they offer an alternative (seemingly less hypocritical from the surface), and the happily ever after appeal of living on earth forever in a life that you know and is familiar to you now.

  • Heartsafire

    I was born in, but I sowed my wild oats for a time and finally committed to the borg only for family. I was at a low point in my life and needed all the support I could get as I was quite young.

    I never fully believed the org had the truth--ever. While I was studying it was obvious most of the beliefs were a load of crap when many questions I asked were answered with, "You just have to wait on Jehoober."

  • BluesBrother

    I have been out , mentally at least for many years now. In recent times ,say since yr 2000, I cannot recall anybody coming in from the world and really taking it up to become a strong Witness, in the way that people used to do.

    That is the U K and in several congs since my departure. The only baptisms I remember have been youngsters growing up.

    The Ministry is still being done of course , but personally I have not seen "fruitage"

  • OzGirl

    I was interested in end time prophecy and the JW had the appearance of being "scholarly" and studious, at least they gave that impression. They claimed to not have a clergy class.

  • pometerre21

    I’m really curious about this too. Especially since when I express any doubt PIMIs tell me that educated people (scientists, doctors, lawyers, professors) are coming into the Truth, so therefore it must be true.

    Any thoughts on this?

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