Living Vicariously Through the Sheep.

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  • krismalone

    It is no wonder why the GB has explicitly stated through the confidential letters and Elder manual that NO ONE SHOULD read the confidential reports of judicial cases. They should be sealed and kept for at least 5 years unless it's a molestation case or any other case deemed worthy by the judicial Comittee to be kept indefinitely. Judicial cases must be sealed and kept under lock and key separate from the rest of the other files that do not involve sins.

    This is what made Bill Bowen wake up about the child molestation problem in the Organization. He was organizing the Congregation files and he read a case where a current appointed elder was accused years ago of molesting a child. The Organization allowed this elder to be re-appointed even though he had confessed to molesting a child. This is what gave birth to the silentlambs website and the awaking of Bill Bowen.

  • Vidiot

    Of course some of these guys "live vicariously through the sheep".

    Considering all the sex rules they're required to follow as loyal JWs, it's the only variety some of 'em will ever get to see. :smirk:

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