Living Vicariously Through the Sheep.

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  • under the radar
    under the radar

    Not to rain on anyone's parade, but I'm gonna call BS.

    I fully believe the elders can and do ask extremely intrusive questions, and some sure seem to get a vicarious thrill delving into all the juicy details. I have no doubt some of them visualize and replay the incident in their minds for their own sexual pleasure and stimulation. But I seriously doubt any elder would makes notes in the "Penthouse Forum" format that donny says he found. If any notes include intimate details, which they're not supposed to, it's a lot more likely the elders would go out of their way to use clinical or medical terms to describe various body parts and the way they were used.

    That said, I'll be in my room...

  • sir82

    I knew something was seriously wrong with this organization

    Sounds like something "seriously wrong" with one particular elder. I can assure you that most judicial cases are not written up this way.

    My best guess is that that particular elder was a frustrated erotica writer, and found an outlet by either expanding upon judicial cases, or making up stories and pegging real names to it. Perhaps his thinking was that if his work ever got discovered by another JW, he would have an alibi that it was "judicial committee notes",

    Or, as Under the Radar notes, maybe it's entirely made up by the OP. Maybe he's the frustrated erotica writer.

  • SnakesInTheTower

    No, I believe the OP. We had an elder who asked the most inappropriate questions in sexual cases.

    I was chairman on a JC of a single sister who was involved in sexual conduct with a worldly man at work. Despite being single, as an MTS grad and an outsider, she trusted me to "confess" to. Our pervert elder (former PO), wanted to chair and me not be on the committee at all, allegedly because I was single. The other elders agreed she had come to me and I had the details and I was chair.

    This other elder insisted on being on the JC. Couldn't figure out why he wanted to so badly. The reason was apparent when he started to ask very innapropriate questions. I asked the sister to give us a few minutes. When she left, I ripped him a new one. I took over the questioning, carefully, asking for only the bare minimum of details. I made sure the notes also only had the same. I tried to help her maintain her dignity.

    It was after that I began to really examine the scriptural foundation of JCs, which we discussed in horrible detail in MTS. Of course there was none.

    Not long after this the same elder finally succeeded in having me removed for unrelated "unreasonableness," starting my departure from the Borg.

    So, all that to say, I have no doubt of the veracity of the OP details. I do question the need to detail it here, just my opinion

    Snakes (Rich)

  • Freeandclear

    Twice in my life as a jw I was involved in jc's where I had to confess some sexual sins. The elders in my first case didn't even ask me about details at all. In the second case no details were asked about other than had I committed fornication. I'm sure abuses like this probably do happen though. On the second jc and my final one that led to my df'ing there was a long time single elder present who had never been married and who I assume was either a virgin or very inexperienced. I always wondered about why he would have been allowed in such cases as I'm sure they must be hard for him. (No pun intended)

  • LongHairGal

    I hate to say it, but I think the OP reads like a porno novel and I'm not buying it. Sorry.

    However, I have DEFINITELY heard that elders ask inappropriate questions in judicial committees.

    I would never tell these things to another living soul. It is sad to know that Witnesses (especially women) are stupid enough to tell these ignorant men things they do not deserve to know.

    It's bad enough that any woman in the religion (probably single), is targeted to do favors. But, to give these worthless f#ckers fodder for sexual fantasy, not to mention endless gossip that will follow the foolish woman for the rest of her life in the religion, is enough to make my brain explode!

    This is pure stupidity and is right up there with giving money to these undeserving bastards. I despise them.

  • Simon
    I hate to say it, but I think the OP reads like a porno novel ...

    I agree. It's unnecessary and has been removed. Graphic descriptions such as this serve no useful purpose whatsoever and are not welcome here.

  • Athanasius

    Unfortunately the OP doesn't make it clear as to whether the confidential file that he read was the official Judicial Committee's report, or the elder's own personal notes of the interview with the sister that he kept for his own purpose.

    Having served on several J.Cs back in the 1970s, unless there have been major changes in procedure, the official report of the committee was signed by all three elders. While it is true that some elders do ask inappropriate questions during J.C. Meetings, I doubt that the elders would sign their names to such an erotically written missive and put it in the congregation file. Keep in mind that the C.O sometimes reviews J.C cases.

    Hopefully the OP will clarify things. Otherwise like “Under The Radar” and “LongHair Gal,” I'm skeptical of the OP's account.

  • stillin

    I don't do much porn. It seems like sex is more of a participant sport, rather than a spectator sport.

    Having said that, the written porn that I HAVE seen could have been written by a 13 year old kid. Pretty much every example of written porn is so simplistic and lacking in any real style that this alone is a big turn -off for me.

    Is it so difficult to believe that an elder writes this way? It's probably the only writing (or reading!) that he knew.

  • donny

    Sorry for the graphic details Simon and I understand their removal, but what I wrote is absolutely true. I agree that most elders would have never documented stuff like that and I seriously question whether or not those described events occurred the way he described. I decided later that he secretly into material containing graphic sexual content and what better place to hide these accounts than in his secret judicial matters folder where not even his wife would dare snoop. Why he chose to include actual names of congregational members is beyond me.

    Cold Steel, I left the borg two years later and have never looked back.

  • Stealth

    My sister was married to an elder in the congregation. After they got divorced she told me that when they had sex he wanted her to pretend as if she were other female members of the congregation and he would call her by these other sisters names during sex. I have no reason to doubt her story as he moved across country shortly after the divorce.

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