Which is worse according to the GB: Child Abuse or Apostasy??

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  • stuckinarut2

    So we all know how the organization conducts itself regarding child abuse. The multitude of legal cases worldwide including the current Australian Royal Commission as well as anecdotal accounts prove their attitude.

    Perpetrators have not been reported to authorities, and data bases of such have been kept sealed even when demanded by the courts!

    However, when it comes to those of us who have simply left the organization due to learning the TRUTH, the society spares no effort in spreading gossip and ensuring that one's name and reputation is ruined.

    So GB, which crime is worse? Child Abuse, or "Apostasy" (which word by the way simply means "one who has left their former religion")

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    No contest, Stuckinarut!!!!!!!!

    Even vandalism of a Kingdom Hall is worse than a J.W. child being raped/sexually abused - as proven by the wording of the November 1st 2016 Branch letter to all bodies of elders:

    "Break-ins, thefts, incidents of arson, or other acts of vandalism should be promptly reported to the local authorities."

    Crimes against their real estate must be reported "promptly" to authorities, but not paedophilia!

  • stuckinarut2

    Wow The Searcher!

    That is seriously messed up!

    Thanks for the reference to that letter.

  • Nicholaus Kopernicus
    Nicholaus Kopernicus

    During WT study of Sun 5th March a sister answered up indicating that....

    Even if we here of child abuse in the organisation we should still remain loyal to Jehovah.

    The WT study conductor was a little embarrassed as if to say - what's that git to do with this study. However, several months ago, she gave the same answer during a Thursday night book study.

    Both she and another pioneer sister harp on about apostates sometimes. They talk of shunning apostates rather than remaining loyal. Listening to them is so tiresome!

    Both of them strike me as "cold fish" - a term I learned from a social worker to describe individuals lacking the capacity for empathy.

  • Rainbow_Troll

    What makes apostasy different from any other sin is the lack of remorse. Even most child molestors probably believe that what they have done is wrong; but they just couldn't help themselves. Sex, after all, is the most powerful human instinct. In most people it overrides not only ethics and reason, but even self-preservation! So when a child-molestor is caught, he is likely to recognize that he was wrong and repent.

    Contrast that with apostasy. Unlike sex, apostasy isn't some passion that overwhelms a basically good person and makes them do bad things. Apostasy is a very conscious, willful decision that involves the most human part of us: our intellect. Unlike the child molestor, the apostate isn't going to be contrite if he or she is caught. Chances are, the apostate won't even deny the accussation and will proudly defend their decision.

    So even though the child-molestor has caused a lot of suffering and the apostate none at all, I totally understand why the former is handled with kid gloves while the latter is dealt with so harshly. Child molestors are just weak people who gave in to their basest instincts. Apostates, by contrast, are usually very strong, spiritual people who deliberately turn against Jehovah and his organization. It's the difference between Eve's sin and the fall of Lucifer. Eve and her husband were forgiven for their weakness, but Satan will never get that because he will never repent.

  • zeb

    Now with apostasy do they require two witnesses to what some one now believes?

    and what if what they belief is old light so they were not apostates once but are now?

  • punkofnice

    I think that most Jobos are really NOT aware of the child abuse. To them there probably is no problem because anyone that is guilty of child abuse automatically becomes a non JW.

    I guess most of the 'faithful' are unaware of what is in the elders manual and that includes elders too.

    The GB are absolute filth in the most vile sense of the word. They are only interested in their luxury rock star lifestyle. They do not give a monkeys about those that by default, worship them.

    I have a suspicion that one of the over riding reasons that they don't just say to report child abusers to the police immediately, isn't just so much that they fear damage to their reputation but rather there is a GB member/s who is actually a paedophile. Call me a conspiracy theorist, but why are they unbending on something that could become 'new light(tm)'. All the JWs would likely embrace 'new light*tm)' because it gives their beliefs meaning.

    So, Apostacy(tm) or child abusers?

    Apostacy(tm) is what the GB will bully the JWs into believing is the worst thing because the rank and file have been conditioned to believe that child abuse isn't a problem.

    The GB should be put on trial and hung.

  • Listener

    Apostasy is a direct threat to the organization whereas child abuse is not, if it can be kept hidden.


    Rainbow Troll, are you on crack?



    Here's why Rainbow Troll is dumb:

    1) You cannot apostatize from human ideas/idiocy.

    2) Child Molestors are sad when they get caught, not for committing one of the most horrible offenses known to man. This is proven by the high rate of recidivism among those who prey on children.

    I hope you were being satirical. To seriously consider "apostates" as being worse than a sexual predator is utterly disgusting. That mentality simply proves how perverse "religion" has become.

    No doubt, the Gibbering Buffoons at Warwick agree with Rainbow Troll. They are completely immersed in legalism, and are Pharisees to the core. If there is a God, the WTBTS, not an individual who sees through their BS, should be very, very, worried.


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