Blondie's Comments You Will Not Hear at the February 19, 2017 WT Study (DECEMBER 2016)(ANXIETY)

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  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    Thanks Blondie. Your hard work is very much appreciated, and does NOT go unnoticed!!!

  • kepler

    The Anxiety theme caught my attention in a number of ways.

    For the first time in my neighborhood near a NASA space center I saw a WT stand near a stoplight on a heavily trafficked boulevard. It was on a sidewalk by the light and the pedestrian traffic there was usually nil. Men and women's stands were on opposite sides of the intersecting street. I don't know what was supposed to transpire if you were a male who encountered the women;s stand first or vice versa.

    So, assuming I'm medieval Everyman consumed with anxiety, I wasn't going to get out of my car with bumper to bumper behind me on a thoroughfare - and the light was too short for conversation out my left passenger window. I could possibly turn around and head back to a parking spot a block or two away and then stroll up to this dispirited display. Perhaps the other travelers would be amused by our interactions.

    Or I could just leave the whole thing alone.

    From time to time there are waves of the door knocking variety taking breaks at local coffee shops. Distinct and recognizable by now after about 9 years of exposure to all this. Why the recent experiment? Perhaps it was the result of the local town government suggesting some sort of compromise about hawking material. The alternatives such as shopping centers or their parking lots were private property. And then some subdivisions enforce no soliciting ordinances.

    It's about a week since I've noticed the stands. Perhaps the Anxiety alert is over.

  • blondie

    Thanks everyone for your thanks and encouragement. I hope that others see I have started again and can post their comments here too.

    IMO, the WTS is trying to deal with an escalating problem with jws using stress or perceived stress as a reason to do less meetings, less field service, less home indoctrination. There are no real practical solutions because the WTS keeps adding more and more requirements to already burdened jws. Stress is added by men whose financial situation is stable with all their needs and wants provided. No stress on them, even medical problems dealt with.

    And definitely never a sincere thank you, just DO MORE.

  • blondie


    3 It is important to understand how the truth affects the learner’s thoughts and feelings. To do that, you may ask him how his dedication to Jehovah has affected his decisions in life. That question could lead to a conversation about how we can serve Jehovah with our whole heart. (Read Mark 12:29, 30.) You may even want to pray with the brother and ask Jehovah to give him the holy spirit he needs for his training. When the brother hears you pray for him, it will likely encourage him to do more!-- ws15 4/15 pp. 9-14

    “THE little one will become a thousand and the small one a mighty nation.” (Isaiah 60:22) Those words are being fulfilled now in this time of the end. In fact, during 2015, there were 8,220,105 of Jehovah’s servants who preached the good news of the Kingdom around the world! God said about the increase among his people: “I myself, Jehovah, will speed it up in its own time.” So as time goes on, there will be more work for all of us to do. Are we doing all we can now to preach and teach the good news? Many brothers and sisters are already serving as regular or auxiliary pioneers. Some have moved to another place to help with the preaching work, and others are working hard to build Kingdom Halls.-- ws16 August pp. 15-20

    2 Noah, Moses, Jeremiah, Paul, and many others used most of their time and energy in Jehovah’s service. They are good examples for us to imitate. Of course, Jesus is the best example for all dedicated servants of Jehovah. (1 Peter 2:21) After Jesus was baptized, he used the rest of his life on earth to preach the good news and give honor to Jehovah. So serving Jehovah should be a priority for every Christian who follows the example of Jesus and accepts Jehovah as his Master. Is serving Jehovah your priority? How can we do more for Jehovah and at the same time care for other responsibilities?—Read Psalm 71:15; 145:2.-- ws12 6/15 pp. 21-26

    You probably use some time each week to preach from door to door, but can you do more to warn others?

      • ws13 10/15 pp. 31-32 - The Watchtower (Simplified)—2013

    The example of Jehovah’s organization moves us to do more in God’s service

      • ws13 4/15 pp. 15-20 - The Watchtower (Simplified)—2013
  • blondie

    Thanks to those willing to dive into the crap pile...........just don't go head first

    Working on next Sunday

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