Speaker and Interpreter Ratings

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    Many thanks!


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    WifiBandit---- you are awesome!

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    Of course, an underline to emphasize that the sisters' opinion is to be as limited as possible. Hahaha so sad!

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    Speakers must be able to use as many words possible to say as little as possible.


    Been waiting for this for some time ! Well done posting this.

    This existence of this rating system is not well know even amongst elders.

    I was "privileged' to take part in 4 of these ratings sessions with the CO over the years - it took about 4 hours+

    Every elder in a circuit is discussed and scrutinised as to his eligibility to give talks / take part on RC program parts etc etc

    Thereafter your are given a rating D / C / B / B+ / A

    In all of the sessions I was involved in only 1 person ever had an A rating and that was the late Jim Hamilton who was a former CO in the UK if I am correct.

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    Then why so many dismal speakers over the years? At least back in the day I was in the mess.. Ooohhh....perhaps the lack of female opinion let some blubbering idiots get by.

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    Thank you ... but why WT mention the race in the last doc ? black or asian speaker are really different thant white or hispanic ...

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    Hi tiki!

    Then why so many dismal speakers over the years?

    Yeah, I've flagged this up myself, why?

    I suspect it's due to the ever decreasing pool of capable brothers due to a massive increase in the number of Conventions now taking place. I don't know all the ins and outs of how WT chooses speakers, but consider this:

    For a Circuit Assembly there are about a dozen items each time requiring a brother/speaker - about three or four of those are filled by the

    CO or an assigned visiting speaker - leaving say just 9 brothers needed out of a circuit of 2,000 publishers (if for purposes of the Circuit Assembly, the Circuit is split over two days, it was normally common practise for the same brother to give the same talk at both)

    That's relatively easy to select resonable/good speakers - even if you seem to end up with the same ones often being used each time

    BUT now think of the District Convention.... the 2016 had around 46 items needing a brother/speaker - in olden days, with larger Conventions of say 10,000 to 15,000 and around 6 or so circuits - that was relatively easy.....

    BUT now, with the move is to have smaller Conventions, sometimes even just one circuit in size (!) - haha! well now try to get 46 good speakers from just one circuit!! even allowing for a handful of visiting brothers from outside the circuit.....

    And, from comments I've heard, the video of the USA 2016 Convention proves the above.

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    I think you are talking of a different (higher level) rating system. The one from wifi is the one that each congregation sends to the CO.

    It used to be the CBE/School Overseer/Auxiliary Counselor who would go for tea and biscuits at one of their houses and pontificate about who to recommend from their own BoE to the CO for D.C. parts. (Now CBE, CLAM overseer and Aux Counselor)

    Of course the biggest windbag is often the CBE and so he would love to recommend himself but they have to do a little dance where as they consider each other the other one goes out of the room.

    I remember being on two of these as Auxiliary Counselor - I just love the fact that your children - even if they are adults and have left home - will have an impact upon your qualifying to be allowed to present an item at the D.C. (Now R.C.).

    A story from my time ...

    We had a circuit "heavyweight" move in to help our ailing congregation for a year and he came in as Ministry School Overseer and I was also in on this process as Aux Counselor. The CBE felt threatened because this brother was not only very competent, he was a good speaker.

    When the TMS overseer/heavyweight left the room the CBE wanted to mark him as B/C but I said I thought he was a top speaker and wanted to go A/B so we settled on "B" 's across the board.

    Now when the CBE went out the room the "heavyweight" said to me "what do you think of (CBE's) speaking ability?" I grinned and said "he thinks higher of himself than I do but last years form gave him "A"s"

    The heavyweight shot up in my estimation when he said "he does like to hear himself on the street corner, doesn't he?" So we gave him "B's" across the board too.

    He came back in the room and said he had "A"'s last year why the change? We told him that neither the heavy weight or I were on last years panel and that he would have to accept what we said.

    He was off with us for months after that.

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