Watchtower appeals in Montana.

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    Diogenedsister - " cannot seriously tell me that Watchtower won’t do ANYTHING to protect their reputation among their own members... They do so because at all costs they must not let Jehovahs Witnesses know they are just like any other religion."


    Back in the day, it was about protecting their public image, but IMO, that component is long gone.

    I honestly think the WT leadership would sell their fucking souls if they thought it would keep the R&F from suspecting that it's not actually The Truth, because - let's be honest - being a JW isn't actually all that an enjoyable experience for most... this point, being affiliated with "God's Earthly Organization" (on the cusp of The Apocalypse) is really the only incentive to stay.

    Know how I know?

    'Cause that was me.

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