For Dog Lovers-- Meet Stanley!

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  • Sail Away
    Sail Away

    Rebelfighter, I trained Emma using the methods outlined in the books The Loved Puppy and The Loved Dog. My Dad was a police officer with a canine partner. I admire the dicipline of police dogs, but wanted to use a gentler training method. Emma is the best behaved dog I have ever had, but she was not a rescue dog, and I trained her from a pup.

  • rebelfighter

    I tried to train my dogs, it worked to a point. I had a son who untrained some of my training!! Urg!

    I learned how to re-screen the patio door because neither would open it. LOL My son also taught her how to come into the house through the screen in the window. I really think my SON needed the training.

    Guess who got trained how to do the "fix" screening. Then he asked me why did you ever teach that dog to do that? LOL

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