Who thinks Wt is going to throw Vincent Tool under the bus if he loses his law registration.

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  • sir82

    I would think any attorney's that are obtained by the WT would have to sign some sort of a non-disclosure agreement or confidentiality agreement that anything they know is confidential and could be held libel if they talk about after.


    I would also think a WT lawyer is smart enough to know how to confidentially leak info out to someone without a paper trail, and/or know how to take advantage of "whistle-blower" laws if he knows something really interesting.

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen
    @ToesUp: thanks!
  • rebelfighter
    Sir82 is correct there is always someway around these agreements. I once had to sign one when my employer wanted to stop me from continuing with a discrimination lawsuit before signing it I told them they had to add the line "this document maybe reviewed by her attorney and tax accountant ". Oops, they forgot to ask and I forgot to mention who those two people were and both agreed with the contract and said sign it and move on. Once I had my money (1 year of pay) I heard the next Board of Trustees meeting was over the top explosive. The oops was both Board members! And they were not happy about the discrimination charges to say the least the buy out.
  • Mephis
    I doubt they will. They're already preparing the "this is persecution" narrative for ARC judging by the submissions they've made as an organisation and from Jackson personally. To throw him under a bus means that they are admitting the problems the commission are trying to point out to them and blame him for the flawed policies. That won't wash, and they're a long way from even accepting they have problems there in any case.

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