Meat Eating

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  • waton

    goat is better than mutton, may be that is why Abel put lamb meat on the altar, to get rid of it. ( along wait to be allowed delicious goat though, after the flood).

    Had dog in my mouth, could not get myself to chew and swallow it, (prejudice against MBF special )= man's best friend special. had belgium done Horse, good. how is bat?

  • Old Navy
    Old Navy

    While in Japan we enjoyed Whale meat, both raw and cooked, Horsemeat ham and a sea snail called Sazae. All very tasty. Whale meat looks rather like beef but has a hint of the sea; Horsemeat is somewhat gamy and Sazae,cooked in its shell over a flame with seasoning, is slightly chewy but delicious. My favorite though was fatty hog intestine; a tad smelly while cooking but fantastically flavorful. I loved the foods in Japan and all of Asia for that matter. Never got the courage to try Balut in the Philippines though. Most of the Balut I saw were Goose Eggs with the embryo quite well developed.

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