Rutherford - Watchtower Rewriting History Again?

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  • Stephanus

    From an article in the July 8 Awake! by a "Ken Payne", entitled I Tried To Serve Two Masters:


    What interested me was phrasing of the footnote - that instead of being autocratic President of the Tower, Judge Joe merely "took the lead"! Is there now a trend towards minimalising the true role that presidents past played in Tower history? Are there other instances of this kind of downplaying of the presidential office of the past?

  • ozziepost

    Neat point, Steph.

    It's quite a change from the times when we were 'treated' to full pages of past Borg presidents' images, eh?

    Cheers, Ozzie

  • VM44
    J.F. Rutherford took the lead among Jehovah's Witnesses until his death in 1942.

    This is a true statement, but does understate matters.

    Rutherford was the autocratic ruler of the Jehovah's Witnesses. He had the final say on everything. The Societies committees only provided a rubber stamp approval on matters which were decided upon by Rutherford.

    It has been said that the reason the San Diego home "Beth Sarim" was built was to get Rutherford away from Brooklyn to keep him from meddling.

    While most articles published by the Watchtower were anonymous, Rutherford's books always listed him as the author.

    While he was alive, the Watchtower reffered to him as "Judge Rutherford" using the title freely in articles and advertising public appearences by Rutherford. Recent WT publications do not use the title, or say Rutherford was "affectionately" called "The Judge" (This is because Rutherford only filled in for about 4 days when a Circuit Judge was out of town"

    Rutherford intimidated the witnesses and those at Bethel, this is even alluded to in some experiences with Rutherford published in the Watchtower.

    So, while the statement is accurate, it does leave a lot unsaid.


  • kgfreeperson

    It is my understanding (how's that for wiggle--can't remember where the heck I got this) that there has indeed been a decided downplaying on the role of Rutherford, or any president, as head of the organization. I also don't think it is new. I remember something, I think probably on JWD, talking about articles denying that JWs ever saw Rutherford as anything special. Then there were a bunch of articles/pictures identifying Rutherford as "our chief" and terms like that.

  • run dont walk
    run dont walk

    good eye Stephanus.

    It is my opinion that the Watchtower wishes Rutherford legacy would just go away, he put his foot in his mouth alot, and came up with some wild predictions/articles.

    But then again, the JW's still believe heavens doors were closed in 1935, and that one was all Rutherford.

  • BeelzeDub
    "J.F. Rutherford's voice, which became etched in my mind"

    One thing you have to give to Rutherford, he could preach a sermon that would keep the dubs awake, and "etch the mind" of young ones. He was likely repeating what had been "etched in his mind" as a boy.

  • rocketman

    Who knows with the writing staff these days? - it certainly is an understatement, but maybe that's just how they chose to word it this one time and refelcts no real change in rear-view of Da Judge.

  • benext

    ...took the lead among Jehovah's Witnesses. Who would they say takes the lead among them today?

  • Maverick

    The duds tie the footnote in with the door to door preaching...which judge dud did NOT do! A little literary slight of hand. Maverick

  • Victorian sky
    Victorian sky

    It's really interesting that for a group that advocates research and making sure of all things, most JW's dont know or care to investigate their own history. I remember reading the white washed version of the borgs history and never questioning what I read. The same holds true for many in the borg now. A young witness told one of my relatives recently that Russelites and not JW's believed the wrong prophecies and crazy teachings of Russel! I mean, talk about rewriting history but that's what he was told. The borg is definately distancing themselves from the early Prez's and glossing over the facts as usual. - Victorian Sky

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