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    The audio quality is not great, but this recording documents Watchtower president Fred Franz at the Los Angeles convention, stating the specific date and time: sundown, September 5th, 1975 (Erev Rosh Hashana).

    Franz 1975 talk

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    Watchtower president Fred Franz at the Los Angeles convention, stating the specific date and time: sundown, September 5th, 1975.

    If that isn't self evident toward the corruption propagated by the WTS , I don't know what else there is.

    Speaking in biblical theological terms, is that true followers of Christ were commanded by Jesus to not set a time upon god's own sacred time and most Christian based faiths have stayed loyal to that commandment.

    .........except some self acknowledged bible interpreters who are endeavored to sell their interpretations through literature proliferation ...... charlatans

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    Village Idiot

    I'm cross posting this from another thread and it is an expansion of a comment I made earlier on this thread.

    A Believer, you should have the balls and integrity to respond to this and all other points made by the posters here.

    A Believer,

    Regarding the 1975 thread my stance is that while many were expecting it, it was never said to be a definite thing or was it said that Jehovah told them it would be that year.

    I believe I responded to that on one of your threads but I never got a reply. Here it is again.

    In 1974 I went to a special talk at the Inglewood Public Forum (Sothern California) to listen to a talk about 1975 from none other than Frederick Franz. He was then vice-president of the Watchtower.

    He specifically said that the end would occur anywhere from a few months to a few years after September of 1975. He specifically excluded the possibility that it would be decades after 1975. Using the logic of the "Adam and Eve gap" he said that if it were to take decades than that would mean that Adam would have been without a mate for that long and that would tempt Adam into bestiality!!!

    His statement, in his sing song voice, was: "Would Jehovah let Adam to be tempted into bestiality? Noooo brothers and sisters."

    This statement came from the pinnacle of the governing body thus contradicting what you said about them having not made a direct statement on the matter.

    Now what's your response?

  • Finkelstein

    The WTS tactics of fear mongering intentionally to further the distribution of its own published literature is strew all throughout the 20th century.

    This proclamation by Franz (1975) is just an example of how much pandering and exploitation he did toward the ignorance of people.

    A lot of people laughed and could see the scam being pulled , some on the other hand (JWS) ate it up like " Meat in Due Season "

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    "A believer" is a just here to cause trouble. He works for Satan.

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