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  • nicolaou

    A Believer; Why did the Society need to send out a letter damping down the excitement and expectations for 1975? Where had those expectations come from?

  • Listener

    Why did HQ send at Bethel Elders including Fred Franz in 1975 to Australia to reassure JWs that Armageddon wasn't coming that year and not to discuss the saga amongst themselves?

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    Apparently Fred[dy] Franz, then vice president of the Watchtower, also didn't send the memo out. In 1974 he gave a long talk in Southern California saying that the end will happen in a few months to a few years from September of 1975. I was there at the Inglewood Forum when he said that.

  • freddo

    Didn't get the memo in the UK either ...

    My pre-teen and early teen derriere was also dragged around in a "1975" and "1914 generation that would not pass away" warning work.

    Keep posting "A Believer" - every lurker sees your specious arguments and our rebuttals and makes up their own fully informed minds.

  • flipper

    Hey BELIEVER- Screw your 1975 WT Society justification crap . I just had an older JW parent die who had been told since the 1950's that she would NOT die in this system of things. Guess what ? She did not live forever in a paradise earth , she won't grow younger, she won't be healthy with no sickness and pain. Her sickness and pain brought about her death. And now many of us are sad she is gone. Stop making excuses for a criminal organization bent on giving people false hopes and illusions in order to control their lives and use up their money. Do research and free your mind from WT lies and indoctrination

  • Crazyguy

    I know people that sold off thier business and home to go preach till 1975. I know two highschool girls at the time that dropped out and pioneered to spread the world before the end in 1975. My parents got baptized right before 1975 and my mother managed to talk her mother in to getting baptised just in time during the summer of 1975.

    Oh and to go along with flipper, my father is dead and my grandmother died just a couple months ago. Yep two out of the three never tasted the promises of the watchtower.

  • alcyone

    That blog defendingjehovahswitnesses is really a gem!

    Strong arguments used there

    As for the 1975 debate:

    1, It "forgets" to mention some facts - "selling houses" OKM, Sinutko's talks, ... Kind of symptomatic for WTS supporters - the org is doing the same in the publication.

    2, Arguing the "slave" is not a false prophet as they do not claim inspiration. Yes, they are not inspired, they are only "God's communication channel" - this contradiction have been discussed so many times and still somebody uses it as an argument.

    3, Red herring in form of attack on Christian churches that in absolutely not relevant to the 1975 fiasco.

    4, Talking about two sets of rules used by "opposers" when in reality WTS uses two sets of rules for everything...

  • Lostandfound


    another point that "occurred " is here in UK during circuit visit a short time before '75 is the closed doors talk one evening when '75 was specifically identified and faithful enjoined to leave work, sell up and preach. My father in law did, he has been dead over a decade. Lots more did, mostly now dead or infirm. Promise NOT delivered. Not a rogue CO, it was manuscript talk.

  • slimboyfat

    This information about Czechia (new name look it up) is taken from the 2000 Yearbook. This country was apparently particularly badly hit by 1975 speculation, as was the Philippines which lost something between a quarter and a half of the membership over the fiasco.

  • Thisismein1972

    "Inaccurate False 'Prophet' Claim Made Against Jehovah's Witnesses - Links to Accurate Information (Defend Jehovah's Witnesses)
    (To those who are not Jehovah's Witnesses (JWs), please remember that if you are looking for the authoritative information about the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society's (WTBTS) Bible-based beliefs and practices, you should look to our OFFICIAL WEBSITE at http://www.jw.org/en. Numerous publications as well as the New World Translation Bible (NWT) and the very useful Watchtower Online Library can be found there.)"

    This statement alone can be picked apart by any free thinking person.

    A Believer. Lets use an example here. When purchasing an item of value, do you first go to the manufacturer of the item to see the reviews and the sales pitch that is always positive? Or do you do a little research on this item. For instance, would you look for independent reviews, then maybe look for those who have purchased this item and left their unbiased reviews? Wouldn't this be more advantages so that your not acquiring a defective item?

    Look on any religious organisations website and you will see only the positives. Why is this the case? Because they are, like any other corporation/organisation selling a product.

    Another point to note. If this is indeed the truth, wouldn't this website be more transparent? Wouldn't there be news on the child abuse cases currently plaguing your organisation? After all, if this is indeed the truth, truth stands up over anything doesn't it?

    Also, I was trying to find a link to this letter you were talking about, please could you provide a link to this letter? I read the blog post, but could not find this letter you talk about. And on the subject of Fred Franz and 1975, I think you might find this recording of the REAL talk given by Fred Franz.


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