So you're worried about the Big A, or the North Korean bombs? Sorry everyone, Japan is the one that has likely screwed us all.

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  • Crazyguy

    I tend to agree with her more then any one that disagrees with her. The whole situation and how it’s been handled by the Japanese company in charge is a joke. They don’t seem to have anyway of stopping the water from running down the hills in to the plants and on to the ocean. The water their collecting is going to be dumped in to the ocean and they can’t even find where some of the uranium that melted down went.

    The whole thing is a mess and their not doing much about it except hoping everyone will forget about it. In the mean time the company executives have their eyes closed and their ears plugged.

  • freddo

    Zeb - the North Wales "fallout" problem from Chernobyl.

    Now I'm no conspiracy theorist type but I have heard of the fallout from Chernobyl damaging a North Wales lake and that "Acid rain" causes the problem too.


    There is a MAGNOX reactor built in 1965 and shut in 1991 there in Snowdonia ...

    From Hansard (London Parliament record)

    Trawsfynydd Power Station (Nuclear Incident)

    HC Deb 10 July 1980 vol 988 cc305-6W305W
    §Mr. D. E. Thomas

    asked the Secretary of State for Energy whether the Central Electricity Generating Board informed his Department of a nuclear incident at Trawsfynydd power station during the last 10 days; if he will undertake a full departmental inquiry into all circumstances surrounding this incident; and if he will make a statement.

    §Mr. Norman Lamont

    I am informed that moisture was discovered in the coolant circuit of reactor 1 of the Trawsfynydd nuclear power station on 25 June, when the reactor was being brought back to power after a grid disturbance had306W caused an automatic shutdown the previous day. The reactor was again shut down, and the moisture traced to a leaking boiler tube. The boiler affected has been isolated, and the moisture is being removed from the coolant circuit by circulating dry gas.

    I understand that the Nuclear installations Inspectorate considers that there is no hazard to safety or health from the leak or the remedial action, and that there has been no incident of a nature which is required to be reported under the arrangements relating to nuclear installations.

      I spoke personally in about 1998 with an "ex special services" bible study living in the area and he told me that they (his unit) were sent in to secure the perimeter "we were there for weeks" while mopping up teams cleared the mess. He wasn't a tinfoil hat wearing loon.

      Rumours abound in North Wales of an incident in the late 70's/early 80's that was kept quiet by "Maggie Thatcher's government" and there are elevated cancer rates there in what to my mind should be one of the cleanest air parts of the UK.

      It seems more likely to me that North Wales had its own significant nuclear leak (not minor as reported) rather than one thousands of miles to the east causing it. (Remember Wales has a very dominant westerly flow of wind off the Atlantic - including the jet stream)

    1. The Fall Guy
      The Fall Guy

      After Chernobyl, I very clearly remember the UK government warning people about possible health risks in eating lamb from the Scottish highlands for the time being, due to the winds bringing radiation over from Russia.

      The story didn't last long.

    2. Fred Franztone
      Fred Franztone

      She is setting off all of my crackpot alarms

    3. Bobcat

      Some of the depleted uranium problem in the middle East is from the shells used in the A-10 armor busting plane the USAF uses. A friend of mine who flew UH-60s in the first gulf war said the plane was so fearsome to Iraqi tank crews that they would abandon their tanks as soon as the A-10s showed up.

      The shells get pulverized when used and now litter that part of the middle east.

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