Will hurricane Harvey infuse the WTBT$ with more money? Or cost them more money?

by exjwlemming 10 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • sandy

    I believe they will profit from this disaster as long as they are only repairing kingdom halls. Is there proof that they ask for victims government relief funds?

    I called Bethel HQ yesterday morning and said I wanted to donate but I wasn't sure where to send my check. (LMAO) Anyways, the guy said to give my donation to my Circuit Overseer bc they are taking the donations. So I said I'm not an active witness anymore and I have no idea who to contact in my local area. So he transferred me to someone he said could give me the local info I needed to make my donation. (LMAO again).

    The Help Desk answered and said I could send my donation directly to "The Branch" . Who do I pay to I asked and he said "Jehovah's Witnesses".

    I asked him why was I first told the CO is handling the donations and he said they are and then they are sending the money to HQs. I asked should I specify on the check it is for the Hurricane relief. He said I could put it on the memo line.

    He also mentioned they don't have a relief fund set up "yet". I doubt they will because they want whatever profits to help pay their child abuse claims.

    The lowly dubs are giving their time, energy, and money and WT will no doubt in my mind profit.

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